Health Industry

The Health Industry provides medical and health services to the community. The rapid onset of COVID-19 illustrated the importance of our health care industry and those that work within it. There is increased demand in the health sector for health and medical professionals with the relevant skills to provide a high level of care to patients. If you are highly skilled in the Health Industry and you are looking to move to Australia, VisaEnvoy can assist you in this process.

Skilled Migration

Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List indicates the relevant occupations that are in high demand in Australia to fill labour shortages in various sectors due to the impacts of COVID-19. The following occupation related to the Health Industry are on this list:

Employer sponsored nominations and visa applications with an occupation on the PMSOL will be given priority processing.

 Skilled Visas for Medical Professionals in each State/Territory in Australia

Visa Applicants and the Health Sector

VisaEnvoy works to provide efficient and effective advice to individual visa applicants relating to the following factors within the health sector:

Health Sector Occupations

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