Start Up Industry

The Start Up Sector concerns entrepreneurs with business ideas and the initial stages of creating a company. The majority of businesses in Australia are small businesses. Therefore, the Australian government values business investment and start ups. If you have experience in the Start Up industry or the desire to bring your business and entrepreneurial skills to Australia, VisaEnvoy can assist you to determine the best pathway.

Skilled Migration

Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List (PMSOL)

The Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List indicates the relevant occupations that are in high demand in Australia to fill labour shortages in various sectors due to the impacts of COVID-19. The following occupation related to Start Ups are on this list:

Employer sponsored nominations and visa applications with an occupation on the PMSOL will be given priority processing.

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Occupations in the Start Up  Industry

There are several types of occupations that are valuable to the Information Technology industry. For further information regarding the skills and qualifications of IT-related occupations see below:

For additional information regarding Employer Sponsored Visas, see our page here.

Short Term Skilled Occupation List – PR Pathways

The following occupations are on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL):

For information regarding the available pathways to permanent residency in Australia for occupations on the STSOL, see our page here.

Visa Options for Small Business Owners

Small business owners who are involved in the Start Up sector have the following visa options available:

Subclass 188E – Entrepreneur Visa

The Subclass 188E is an entrepreneur visa that is only available to applicants who have been nominated by an Australian State or Territory. This is a 4-year temporary visa, for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial backing from a third party. For more information about this visa type, see our page here.

Subclass 491 – Small Business Owner Stream

The Small Business Owner Stream (subclass 491) forms part of the skilled migration program and to be eligible you must be nominated by one of the States or Territories that participate in the program. The following Small Business Owner Streams are available:

To view a comparison of the three programs, see our page here.

Study in Australia to Work in the Start Up Sector

International students have the option to study in Australia to become skilled workers part of the Start Up and Business Sector.

Studying Business

If you are interested in studying business in Australia, the following occupations may be available to you:

To see more information about studying business, see our page here.

Cryptocurrency and the Start Up Sector

If you have experience in cryptocurrency and are interested in knowing more about how you can obtain an Australian business visa, see our page here.

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