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We are Australian immigration law specialists and experts based in Melbourne, Australia.  Ben Watt who is a lawyer and registered migration agent from VisaEnvoy has contributed to many articles and interviews for Australian media and the press. If you are interested in our expert advice on current Australian immigration events and policy, please call us on +61 (03) 9521 7577 or email [email protected]

We are experts in

  • Partner, spouse or fiancé (Migrate to Australia as partner or spouse)
  • Parent, child or other family member
    Refugee and humanitarian
  • Business, innovation and investment
  • Transit (for travel through Australia to another country)
  • Working holiday
  • Training
  • Extend my stay
  • Travel on a bridging visa
  • Medical treatment
  • Crew member of an airline or non-military ship
  • Resident Return Visa (Re-entry for permanent residents)

Infographic Animation: Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city: key statistics

Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city five years in a row. As early as 2030, Melbourne will be Australia’s largest city.

With a AAA credit rating for the past decade, Victoria’s economy is larger than Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland or Chile. There are over A$250 billion in pension assets under management in Victoria, more than in Hong Kong, Ireland, France and Germany.

Le Ho came to Australia as a one year old with her parents who fled post-war Vietnam. She has gone on to business success.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is one of the world’s best student cities, with:
160,000 international students
10 universities – 2 in the world’s top 100
Innovative teaching and learning
International and industry partnerships
Industry relevant curriculum
Cutting-edge research facilities and infrastructure

If you choose to hire a migration agent to help you apply for a visa, it’s important to check they’re registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. This video will help you find an agent and provide you with information about why it’s important to hire a registered migration agent.

Are you planning to study in Australia? Don’t know which visa is right for you?

This video contains important information about the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s Community Status Resolution Service (CSRS). The CSRS works with visa overstayers by providing clear and relevant information about your situation and appropriate options.

Australia’s skilled migration program aims to meet the needs of the Australian labour market and strengthen our economy. Australia needs skilled workers in particular occupations to help fill job vacancies which cannot be filled by an Australian resident worker. This video provides an overview of Australia’s skilled migration program.


There’s one Australian city that’s growing faster than any other. Its momentum is undeniable and it’s rapidly confirming itself as the country’s new business capital. That city is Melbourne and its home is the state of Victoria. The world is choosing Melbourne, Victoria because it offers something unique, it’s where liveability meets opportunity.

Welcome to Melbourne, a city with a modern lifestyle, premium fresh food and dining options and excellent education and healthcare choices. The Significant Investor visa provides you and your family the opportunity to live, invest and flourish in the world’s most liveable city.


VEVO is a free online service that gives holders of Australian visas, employers and other registered organisations easy and quick access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day. Visa holders can use VEVO to check their visa conditions, such as grant and expiry dates, and class and subclass.

If you’re a skilled professional or trades worker, Australia’s skilled migration programme allows you to further your career in Australia. Fast track your life in Australia as a skilled migrant.

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