Partner Visa Checklist – Relationship De Facto

Please submit the following documents in evidence of your relationship:

  • Partner Migration – Relationship Details
  • a signed written statement detailing the history of your relationship, either individually or jointly.
  • if you or your sponsor have been previously married provide a copy of the official divorce certificate or the death certificate of the deceased spouse (as appropriate)
  • full birth certificates (copies) of any children of the relationship
  • evidence that you and your spouse have been in a de facto relationship for 12 months prior to lodging your application

Important update: English Test for Permanent Stage of Partner Visas & Partner visa changes ahead- 2021

The new changes to Sponsored family visa’s, will be implemented for Partner visas by the end of 2021. The changes mean that Sponsorships must be lodged first and approved before Partner visas can be lodged. This change will adversely impact onshore Partner visa applicants wanting to lodge a visa application prior to their substantive visa expiring. The sponsorship application will be assessed separately and will need to be approved before a valid Partner visa application can be lodged. 

If you are planning to apply for a Partner visa we recommend booking an appointment to discuss and understand how these changes may impact you.

Examples of this evidence include:

Evidence to show us you’re in a genuine and stable relationship can include:

  • marriage or civil union certificates
  • birth certificates for any children you share
  • cards, letters, emails and social media conversations
  • photos together- showing you and your sponsor together at various occasions
  • evidence that others recognise your relationship
  • evidence you make decisions and plans together
  • evidence you parent together
  • evidence you spend leisure time together
  • a joint rental agreement or home loan
  • mail addressed to you together at the same place and time
  • joint bank accounts
  • evidence you own assets together
  • joint credit cards or hire purchase agreements
  • joint utilities accounts, like power or phone bills.
  • Joint lease agreements, joint local authority registration under the same address, mortgage documents, council rate  notices, utility bills)
  • evidence that your relationship has been declared to any relevant government bodies (example: Centrelink or the Australian Taxation Office) terms of your will(s)
  • evidence of contact during times of separation. (example: itemised telephone bills, printouts of your E-Mail inbox folder, envelopes which contained your  personal correspondence, etc.)
  • any other evidence which you consider demonstrates a genuine and continuing relationship (example: joint club membership, evidence of holidays taken together (such as photos and flight tickets) or shared interests or activities).

The above listed items are suggestions only. You are expected to provide sufficient evidence to demonstrate an ongoing and genuine relationship. This evidence should show the period of time the relationship has been in existence.

Note: Further evidence may be requested and relied on in considering your application.