Visa Options Assessment

Only candidates who we believe may be eligible for an Australian visa will be contacted to make a booking for a detailed visa assessment and consultation. 
Australian immigration law is complex and conducting an appropriate initial assessment takes time. As such we charge a minimal fee of $160.

In the consultation, if your case has good prospects we will advise a quote for the full service to manage your migration matter. The amount will have the initial consultation payment deducted ($160). If you then decide to proceed we will issue you an engagement letter and invoice to get the process underway.

Australian Visa Assessment

Close-up photo of a map focusing on Australia with detail showing various cities and regions. The map features prominent labeling of states and territories in a blue and red color scheme, with a pin or marker placed on the map, possibly indicating a specific location of interest.

Complete our online assessment form to know your chances of obtaining an Australian visa.

Spouse or Partner Visa Assessment

A couple is sitting closely together on a rocky outcrop, overlooking a mountain range bathed in the soft light of dusk. They are sharing a quiet moment, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature.

Estimate your chances for an Australian Partner visa with the VisaEnvoy Partner visa assessment tool.

Corporate Immigration Solutions

Two professionals in a business setting shaking hands over a desk, with documents and a planner in front of them, signifying a completed agreement or partnership

Complete our online assessment form and we assess if your business can sponsor workers/trainees from overseas.

Skilled Visa Points Test Assessment

Close-up of a person's hands measuring timber with a tape measure, wearing protective gloves, with safety goggles resting above.

Our instant points test calculator will give you an idea if you qualify for an Australian Skilled visa. To estimate your points after 16 November 2019 use our 491 visa calculator.

Employer Sponsored Visa Assessment

An action shot of a businessman in a starting position on a racetrack, ready to sprint, representing the competitive nature of business or the start of a new venture.

Complete our 186 (ENS), 494 regional or 482 TSS visa assessment form to check your eligibility for an Australian Employer Sponsored visa.

Visa Refusal Appeal

A photo of a legal setting with a person holding a gavel, signifying legal proceedings such as a visa refusal appeal or judgment in a court setting.

If your visa has been refused or cancelled complete our online review form and we will assess your options.

Business Visa Points Test Calculator

Person reading a business newspaper with the headline 'Business', indicating staying informed on business-related immigration matters.

Complete our instant Australian Business visa calculator form to see your chances of success for a 188 A or B visa.

Visitor Visa Assessment

An overhead view of a workspace with a laptop, a map, a camera, and a person planning a trip.

Complete our Visitor visa assessment form to check your eligibility for an Australian tourist (visitor) visa.

Student Visa Assessment

Complete our student visa assessment form to check your eligibility for an Australian Student visa. Use our Student visa funds calculator to determine how much money you need to show for your Australian Student visa.

Parent Visa Assessment

A family of four, seen from behind, sitting together in a forest clearing. They are dressed in denim and seem to be enjoying a family moment in nature, with the focus on the connection between them.

Complete our Parent visa assessment form to check your eligibility for an Australian Parent visa.

Canada Visa Assessment

A close-up image of a hand holding up a bright red maple leaf against a soft-focus background of a blue sky and blurred trees. The sunlight filters through the leaf, highlighting its delicate veins and rich color, evoking the essence of autumn and the symbolic nature of the maple leaf, often associated with Canada as per the image's filename.

Complete our online assessment form and to check your eligibility for your Canadian visa options.

New Zealand Visa Assessment

Close-up of fern leaves with a soft focus on a blue sky background.

Complete our online assessment form to check your eligibility for a New Zealand visa.

Global and Distinguished Talent

A busy modern office space with workers at their desks and in meetings, indicating a collaborative and active professional environment.

Complete our online Global Talent visa assessment form to evaluate your eligibility.

Work and Holiday Assessment

A small golden airplane model positioned on a world map, with a focus on the continent of Australia highlighted in yellow.

Complete our online assessment form to check your eligibility for a Working Holiday visa or Work and Holiday visa.

Australian Citizenship Assessment

A close-up photo of an Australian Citizenship certificate with decorative elements, suggesting an important milestone in the citizenship process or an assessment theme.

Are you eligible for Australian citizenship? Do you meet the residency requirements?