485 Visa to PR (Permanent Residency)

If you have finished your studies in Australia and obtained your graduate 485 visa and thinking what to do next, please read on. You would need to plan ahead to achieve permanent residency. Your options for turning your 485 visa to permanent residency are the below:

  • TSS 482 visa: one of the eligibility criteria for the TSS 482 visa is to have worked in the nominated occupation, or a related field, for at least two years. the 485 visa is a good opportunity to fulfill the 2 year work experience requirement.
  • Skilled visas (489, 190, 189 visa):
    • The work experience you gain in your time on the 485 visa can help you increase your points for the points based visas namely the Skilled Independent 189 visa, State Sponsored 190 visa, the State Regional Provisional 489 visa. Check your points here.
    • Professional year: If you are an Accountant, engineer, IT professional you can do a professional year which will add 5 points to your points test and can also help with your skills assessment.
  • Employer Sponsored 186 visa: the 186 visa is a permanent visa and you would need an employer willing to sponsor you for this visa.  At least three years’ work experience relevant to the particular occupation will be required therefore your time on the 485 will again help gain this  work experience.
  • Regional Sponsored RSMS 187 visa: the 187 visa is similar to the 186 with one main difference, the work must be in a regional area in Australia.

Latest 485 visa changes and updates:

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