Standard Business Sponsorship for the TSS Visa

In order to sponsor employees for TSS 482 visas, most businesses need to be approved as a Standard Business Sponsor.
STANDARD BUSINESS SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS To obtain this approval, there are a number of important hurdles which must be met:

  • There is a properly established business structure – such as a company, trust, partnership or registered business name; and
  • The business must be in a sound financial position
  • Business be lawfully operating
SPONSORSHIP PERIOD OF VALIDITY Once obtained Sponsorship approval is generally valid for 5 years. However, there are a number of exceptions to this:

  • Recently Established Businesses: if a business has been established for less than 12 months, then the business sponsorship approval, as well as any TSS visas granted, will be valid for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Accredited Sponsors: high volume sponsors can apply to become accredited sponsors. In this case, the sponsorship is valid for a period of 6 years
LIMITATION ON NUMBER OF SPONSORED EMPLOYEES Employers must specify how many employees they will sponsor during the validity of the sponsorship. The proposed number of employees must be justified and the Department of Home Affairs can specify a lower number of sponsorships if they feel this is warranted.

Once the limit has been reached, the employer needs to apply for a variation of the sponsorship to be able to sponsor further employees.

Business outside Australia

For an Overseas Business Sponsorship (OBS), must be seeking to employ a skilled worker to either:

  • establish, or help establish, a business operation in Australia
  • fulfil obligations for a contract in Australia.

If your business does not yet have an operating base in Australia, you are not required to satisfy the training requirement.

How long the sponsorship lasts

Sponsorships can be valid for:

Australian businesses
Sponsorship for start-up businesses Accredited sponsorships Standard business sponsorships Labour agreement
18 months 6 years 5 years the length of the labour agreement
Overseas businesses
Overseas business seeking to establish a business in Australia Overseas businesses who have a contractual obligation
18 months 5 years

If you have a labour agreement in place, you are an approved sponsor for the term of the agreement.

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