View your visa details and conditions online

Clients can use the VEVO consent form to authorise us to check their visa status.

Non-clients please use the VEVO request form so that we can obtain a copy of your current visa status ($90 service fee applies).

  • Check Your Visa Status with the VEVO app on iTunes

    myVEVO is a mobile app available to download for free. The app provides a fast and convenient way to check your Australian visa work rights, study rights, travel conditions and expiry date.

    How to get it

    Free download from the Apple and Google online stores. The app will not download to mobile devices with a compromised operating system, otherwise known as ‘Jailbroken or Rooted’ devices.

    How to use it

    The first time you use myVEVO, you will need your:

    • date of birth
    • passport details
    • visa Grant Number or Transaction Reference Number (TRN)

    Last successful visa details can be saved with your own PIN, making it easy to access the visa details with myVEVO.

    The visa conditions can be viewed by tapping on the ‘Conditions’ tab at the bottom right side of the screen.

    Note: Only the most recent check will be retained in the myVEVO app.

    If you forget your PIN

    You don’t need to contact the department to get back into myVEVO. You need to put in the incorrect PIN three times, and then you will be asked to create a new PIN. Note that for security purposes, all personal information saved previously will be cleared.

    If you need to ‘Reset’ your PIN

    To reset the PIN you need to enter it incorrectly three times. When you have entered the PIN incorrectly three times you are presented with a message advising:
    You have incorrectly entered your PIN three times. For security purposes your details have been cleared, please set a new PIN and enter your details to perform a query‘.

     How you can I check another visa, after you have your visa details

    There are two options available:
    Option 1: On the Visa details screen, there is a ‘Back’ button on the top left corner, tap it to go back to the Visa Holder Enquiry screen to update your search information.

    Option 2: Follow above instructions (If you need to ‘Reset’ your PIN) to reset your PIN.
    Note: The app always saves the last successful visa result. That means once your new visa check is successful, this visa will be the default search next time.

    How you can send your visa details by email

    You can send an email to any email address using the app. This email will include a PDF attachment, which shows your visa entitlement and conditions.  Tap on the ‘Email’ option in the top right corner and enter required email addresses in the next screen presented.

    Source: DHA

Check your visa status using VEVO. If your visa has expired you may be unlawful. It is very important to make sure you meet your visa conditions and have a valid visa. Book a consultation and we can help you make it right.

Your consultation is confidential and any information or documents you provide to us will not be provided to a third party.

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