A man in a workshop setting, standing next to a large yacht on dry dock, reflecting focus and expertise in boat building or repair work.
A close-up of a superb fairy-wren bird perched on a rock, with its distinctive blue and black plumage standing out against a natural, softly blurred background.
A stylized graphic illustration showing three figures in a business attire race. A woman and two men, depicted in mid-stride, are racing forward on a track that resembles an arrow, indicating forward movement and progress. The lead male figure is crossing a finish line tape, suggesting victory or achievement. The background is a gradient of teal, with abstract shapes suggesting motion and energy. The scene represents competitiveness, urgency, and the dynamic nature of the business or professional world.
A round, glossy icon featuring the national flag of Greece with its characteristic blue and white stripes and a white cross in the upper left corner, depicted on a sphere.