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Potential Career Outcomes

Some hospitality occupations include:

Course overview

The hospitality industry comprises of businesses that provide accommodation, food and beverages such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, motels and other accommodation and hospitality service providers. Due to the ‘foodie’ culture in Australia, the industry has been growing steadily over the past 5 years.

According to the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) for Tourism, Travel and Hospitality, the top skills in demand in the industry include teamwork and communication, resilience, problem solving and self-management.

In these courses, not only will you be able to learn the above skills, you will be able to learn about the accommodation services, client and customer service, human resource management, events management, food safety and many more interesting topics that will assist you in building a career in the industry.

  • The weekly earnings of a Café and Restaurant Managers is on average $1,346.
  • On average, a Retail Manager earns $1440 per week.
  • In Australia, a Hotel and Motel Manager earns approximately $1250 per week.
  • Hotel Service Manager earns $1105 on average per week.
  • The average working hours for people in hospitality is 48 – 54 hours.
  • Gender: 54% of workers are female
  • Age: average age is 40 years
  • In Australia, it is expected that the future growth for this industry is stable/strong.
Common Course Requirements
  • Completion of secondary education
  • Meet English proficiency (Usually at least IELTS 5.5 overall)
Related Courses

Some related courses include:

  • Diploma of Hospitality Management

Duration: 22 – 129 weeks
Intake: February, July

Cost: $5150 – $44,170

Locations: Most cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Broome, Cairns, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane

  • Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Duration: 21- 117 weeks

Intake: February, July

Cost: $6300 – $29,000

Locations: Most cities – Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Cairns, Hobart

  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Duration: 14 – 156 weeks

Intake: February, July

Cost: $4950 – $51470

Locations: Most cities- Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Adelaide


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