Australia student visa interview questions and answers

An Australian student visa allows the holder to live, study, work (could be part time or full time depending on the course) in Australia. Applicants who have already an admission to a course in an Australian university or educational institution or TAFE are required to apply for an Australian student visa. All Australian student visa applicants are assessed by a case officer, who conducts a GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) assessment. If the assessment is positive and satisfying, the applicant is issued a visa.

The assessment is sometimes done in the form of an interview. Some sample interview questions and answers are listed here:

    • What is the purpose of your trip?

The case officer is verifying the your purpose of asking for a Student visa. You should state the purpose of your application and why you want to come to Australia (for example, I plan on studying in Australia).

    • Why do you wish to study in Australia?

Case officer wants to know why you chose Australia over other countries. Try to have a clear and ready answer to the question, listing reasons why Australia is better than other countries to do your studies in.

    • Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?

For this question, the case officer is trying to verify if your main aim in settling in Australia. Make it clear that you will be returning to your home country after your course and support it with different reasons you may have.

    • Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?

Provide an honest answer to this question (for example, if you have not decided yet, just let the case officer know your intentions).

    • What course have you applied for?

Case officer wants you to confirm the course you have submitted in your student visa application form. Mention the name of the course you plan on studying (such as Masters in Accounting/Bachelor’s in Nursing).

    1. Why have you chosen this particular course?

You need to explain to the case officer why this is your preferred course. You have most likely mentioned this in your GTE and application form so your answer should be consistent and to the point.

    • Tell me a little about your course and subject.

The case officer wants to know how well and informed your decision is and your motives behind applying for the course. Try to be to the point.

    • Why have you picked an Australian college/university? Why not do this course in your home country?

Explain the reasons why you think it is beneficial for you to do the course in Australia compared to your home country andwhy have you chosen a particular university in Australia.

    • How long will your course last?

This can be found on your COE (confirmation of Enrollment) or the university website.

    • How will doing this course benefit you?

You need to show that you have done research and chose a particular course that will benefit you and you future career.

    • When will the course begin?

Go as according to your COE.

    • How much does your course cost?

Go as according to your COE.

    • How will you be paying for the course?

State the sources you mentioned for funds in your application form (savings, family, spouse, income, etc).

    • I see that your desired course is in a different field. What is the reason?

You need to give reasons for the change of field/major, in an honest way.

    • How many universities did you apply to?

Provide the information of the universities you applied to in Australia.

    • How many universities did you receive acceptances from?

Provide the information on your acceptance letters.

    • Why have you chosen a particular university?

It could be anything like University ranking, facilities, friends, etc.

    • Could you tell me a little about the university you have chosen?

The case officer wants to see how much you know the University, your interest and the research you have done.

    • Could you tell me a little about your family background?

Explain briefly about your immediate family composition.

    • How many siblings do you have?

Answer as appropriate

    • What do your siblings do? Do they live with you?

Provide a brief description of your siblings’ current location and occupation.

    • What do your parents do for a living?

Answer as appropriate and brief (occupations, living arrangements, etc).

    • Who is sponsoring your education and stay in Australia?

This will be whatever you have already provided in your application forms.

    • How many people are financially dependent on your sponsor?

Case officer wants to make sure you demonstrate your sponsor’s ability to meet all financial needs relating to your studies and stay in Australia.

    • What are your plans on completion of your degree/course of study in Australia?

This is a very important question and as in your GTE you should provide a response that indicates your desire to return to your home country on completion of your degree/course of study.

    • What are your job prospects on completion of your chosen course of study?

You need to show that upon completion of your course in Australia there are desirable outcomes in your home country when you return.

    • What will you do on returning to your home country?

Same as the previous question you need to show that you have researched your job prospects upon completing and returning home