Frank Health Insurance launched in 2009 and have grown to provide 35,000 Australians and overseas visitors with private health insurance. Frank are based in Geelong, Victoria and forms part of the GMHBA Limited Group who have been a health insurance provider for 80 years. The Frank team pride themselves on delivering excellent quality health insurance cover and customer service to all members.

General Overview of Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Why Choose Frank?

Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover is provided by Frank Health Insurance.

As Australia’s leading not for profit online health fund, delivering affordable health cover and great customer service is what Frank does best. Premiums are invested into providing better service and products, rather than shareholders. We offer convenience through our online experience, but we’re also just a phone call away if you need us.

Frank is on a mission to offer easy to understand health insurance products. Too many health insurance funds over-complicate their policies and make it difficult to understand what is and isn’t covered. Frank isn’t like that.

Visa Compliance and Frank OVHC

Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover meets the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements for your 457, 482 or 485 visa application.

Frank OVHC Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsFrank
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Instant visa letter
Out of Hospital Treatment
Doctor Servicesx
Antenatal, postnatal and psychiatric benefitsx
Prescription medicinesx
Hospital Types Covered
Public hospitals
Private hospitals - agreement
Private hospitals - non-agreementMinimum benefits
In Hospital Inclusions
Excess$500 per year per person
Public and Agreement
Prescription Medicines (in hospital)
Public and Agreement
Surgical implanted prosthesis
Public and Agreement
Accident and emergency services
Public and Agreement
Doctor services
100% of MBS
In Hospital Specific Services
Pregnancy and related servicesMinimum benefits
Psychiatric or palliative careMinimum benefits
Gastric Banding
Bone marrow and organ transplantx
IVF and Assisted repoductive servicesx
Cosmetic surgeryx
Emergency ambulance services
Gap scheme
Repatriation to home country
Waiting Periods
In-patient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care2 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Pregnancy and related services12 months
Out of hospital prescription medicinesx


What does Frank Overseas Student Health Cover NOT cover?

Frank Overseas Visitor Health Cover does not cover you for the following:

  • Outpatient Procedures.
  • Outpatient Consultations unless covered by your policy.
  • Treatment received outside Australia.
  • Treatment arranged before you arrived in Australia.
  • Services and treatment covered by compensation of any kind.
  • Dental bills, even if you are an inpatient in hospital. In this case, the hospital account will be covered but the dentist bills will be an out of pocket.
  • Treatment you had over 1 year ago.
  • If you can claim damages or compensation from someone else, you can’t claim it from Frank.
  • You can’t claim on stuff that isn’t covered by your membership.
  • If you’re not paying us, we won’t pay you. So, if you suspend your membership or don’t pay your fees you can’t claim on treatment you receive during that time.
  • You’re not covered for any treatment you have overseas.
  • If you have not served the appropriate waiting period for that service.
  • We won’t pay at all for drugs purchased outside of the hospital (like from a chemist).
  • You can only claim on face to face services. This means services delivered remotely (like over the phone) aren’t covered by Frank.
  • The person treating you needs to be working in a private practice, for a registered hospital or for an organisation recognised by Frank. If not, your claim won’t be covered.
  • Hiring of equipment.
  • Benefits are only payable on original, itemised accounts. Accounts which have been altered in any way won’t be accepted.
  • You can’t claim on treatment you can get free from the government.
  • If the person who treated you is a family member you can’t claim for that treatment. We also won’t pay if you are treated by your business partner, or the business partner of a family member. If you’re unsure who qualifies as ‘family’ check with us.
  • If you’re given drugs in hospital, there are limits on how much we will pay for them.

Note: This is not a complete list of exclusions. Please ensure you conduct independent research prior to taking out OVHC.

When will I receive my visa compliance letter?

As soon as you’ve made your first payment at the end of the joining process, you’ll be able to download your health insurance compliance letter (or retrieve it from your email) and upload it to your visa application.

How do I make a claim with Frank?

There are typically two types of accounts that need to be settled after being admitted to hospital.

  1. The hospital account
    The hospital needs to bill Frank to get the process started. Without the hospital account, we cannot prove that you were admitted to hospital and we are unable to pay any of the other accounts. The hospital usually electronically bills Frank but they may send it via mail which can take a little while. After Frank receives this account, we’ll pay your benefit (as long as you’re entitled to one) to the hospital. If the hospital sends you an account, you should ask if they have also sent the account to Frank. There are a bunch of
    technical notes that our processing team can only get from the hospital.
  2. The medical account
    After we have the hospital account, we can pay any eligible medical accounts. Frank prefers your doctor bills us directly and electronically because it saves time and trees. Some doctors can’t do this and may give you an invoice. If your doctor gives you a bill, pay it, fill out a Frank claim form and email both your receipt and claim form to us. If the account is already paid, we’ll reimburse you. Otherwise we’ll pay the doctor directly. Anything not covered by Frank is your out of pocket expense. If required, the doctor will bill you for anything outstanding after they have received payment from Frank.

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