Allianz Care

Allianz Care is a medical assistance and insurance company that started in 1983 and was initially called Worldcare. In 2001, they joined the Allianz Group, under the name Mondial Assistance. In 2012, the company rebranded to Allianz Global Assistance. In 2020, they transitioned to the global brand Allianz Care.

The Allianz Group is now one of the largest health insurance providers for international students, workers and visitors to Australia. The provider operates across 70 countries around the world and services 100 million customers.

The Overseas Student Health Cover provided by Allianz Care helps meet visa conditions for student visas. Allianz Care provides access to their products and services online, over the phone, via health and safety apps and face-to-face.

General Overview of Allianz Care Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Your working holiday or holiday visa in Australia may come with a requirement to hold Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC). Allianz Care Australia provides OVHC for a range of eligible visas. From visiting visas to working visas including 485, 485, 417, 600, 601 and 651.

Allianz Care OVHC provides insurance cover for the following visa types:

Visa Compliance and Allianz Care OVHC

If your visa type requires you to maintain adequate health insurance while you are in Australia (condition 8501), Allianz Care Australia OVHC policies are considered to provide an adequate level of cover for visa holders.

If your visa type is not subject to condition 8501 and you are not eligible for Medicare, you may like to consider purchasing an Allianz Care Australia OVHC policy to ensure that you have cover for any unplanned medical or hospital care you may need while in Australia.

Allianz Care OVHC Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsAllianz Care
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Instant visa letter
Out of Hospital Treatment
Doctor Servicesx
Antenatal, postnatal and psychiatric benefitsx
Prescription medicinesx
Hospital Types Covered
Public hospitals
Private hospitals - agreement
Private hospitals - non-agreementMinimum benefits
In Hospital Inclusions
Excess$500 per year per person
Public and Agreement
Prescription Medicines (in hospital)
Public and Agreement
Surgical implanted prosthesis
All Hospitals
Accident and emergency services
Public and Agreement
Doctor services
100% of MBS
In Hospital Specific Services
Pregnancy and related services
Psychiatric or palliative care
Gastric Banding
Bone marrow and organ transplantx
IVF and Assisted repoductive servicesx
Cosmetic surgeryx
Emergency ambulance services
Gap schemex
Repatriation to home country
Waiting Periods
In-patient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care2 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Pregnancy and related services12 months
Out of hospital prescription medicinesx


What cover options do I have under Allianz Care OVHC?

There are four cover options with Allianz Care:

  1. Budget Working Cover
  2. Standard Working Cover
  3. Mid Working Cover
  4. Top Working Cover
Who can be covered under OVHC with Allianz Care?

The people covered under your OVHC will depend on the type of cover you choose. Your Certificate of Insurance will clarify which Allianz Care policy you purchased.

  • Single policy – a single policy will provide cover for the primary visa holder only. This policy will not cover dependents, spouses or children.
  • Dual family policy – a dual family policy provides cover for the primary visa holder OR either one adult spouse or de-facto partner OR one or more children under the age of 18
  • Multi-family policy – a multi-family policy provides cover for the primary visa holder, one adult spouse o de facto partner AND one or more dependent children under the age of 18
How can I get my Allianz Care membership card?

You can access your e-membership card on the Allianz MyHealth mobile app. The e-membership card is accepted at most medical service providers so you do not need a physical membership card. To use the Allianz MyHealth mobile app you can register online and create an account.

How can I make an OVHC claim?

Allianz Care provides two different ways to make an OVHC claim:

  1. Claim online via the MyHealth online members portal
  2. Download the MyHealth app to manage all claims via your smart phone

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