Bupa is a healthcare leader in New Zealand and Australia. Globally, Bupa has 18.5 million health insurance customers. Bupa offer a broad range of services including aged care and retirement, dental, optical, health insurance and community wellbeing initiatives, to improve the health of Australians. Overseas Student Health Cover is one of the insurance policies that Bupa offer.

General Overview of Bupa Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Why choose Bupa?

Bupa OVHC provides health insurance cover for the specific visa holders while you are working/visiting in Australia.

  • 100% visa compliant plus receive your visa letter instantly
  • A global member network
  • Experienced – drawing on over 65 years in health
  • Affordable – cover from $23.05 per week
What benefits does Bupa provide?

Bupa provide the following benefits to its members who purchase OVHC:

  • Save money on a wide range of health, exercise and entertainment
  • Range of health and wellness tips, told and apps to look after your health and wellbeing
    • Preventative healthcare advice
    • Healthy eating recipes
    • Tips for a healthy mind
    • Advice for pet owners
  • You can easily search for medical services on the Bupa app or website
  • 24/7 health advice line
What visa types does Bupa OVHC cover?

With Bupa’s working overseas visitors cover, you can enjoy your time in Australia with greater peace of mind. Bupa’s OVHC is suitable for visas 485, 482, 457, 188, 400, 403, 407, 408, 417, 489 and more.

Bupa Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsBupa
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Instant visa letter
Out of Hospital Treatment
Doctor Services
100% of MBS
$300 person limit p.a.
Antenatal, postnatal and psychiatric benefitsx
Prescription medicines
$300 per year
Hospital Types Covered
Public hospitals
Private hospitals - agreement
Private hospitals - non-agreementMinimum benefits
In Hospital Inclusions
Excess$250 per year per person
Public and Agreement
Prescription Medicines (in hospital)
Public and Agreement
Surgical implanted prosthesis
Public and Agreement
Accident and emergency services
Public and Agreement
Doctor services
100% of MBS
In Hospital Specific Services
Pregnancy and related services
Psychiatric or palliative care
Gastric Banding
Public Only
Bone marrow and organ transplantx
IVF and Assisted repoductive servicesx
Cosmetic surgeryx
Emergency ambulance services
Gap scheme
Repatriation to home country
Waiting Periods
In-patient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care0 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Pregnancy and related services12 months
Out of hospital prescription medicines0 months


How do I receive my health insurance confirmation letter?

Once you have applied for Bupa’s overseas visitors cover, you will receive your health insurance visa letter to support your visa application, by email. Please ensure you provide a valid email address to Bupa on your application for cover.

How do I make a claim with Bupa?

Many Extras providers, such as dentists, physios and optical outlets, have on-the-spot electronic claiming. After your treatment, swipe your Bupa card and your claim will be processed automatically.

If your provider doesn’t do this, you will need to submit a claim to Bupa. The easiest way is online via myBupa. You can also download a form and claim by post, or visit your nearest Bupa store to claim in person.

There are some services that you will need to claim for by post or in person.

How can I get my Bupa membership card?

Once you arrive in Australia, you can order a physical membership card through the Bupa website by creating an online account. Don’t forget to update your membership address. Alternatively, you can access a digital membership card on your mobile phone through the myBupa app.

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