Australian Unity

Australian Unity were established in 1840 and have been supporting the wellbeing of Australians for 180 years. This insurance provider is a member-owned company – also called a mutual. This gives Australian Unity greater flexibility to invest money into the services and solutions that matter most to our members, customers and the Australian community.

General Overview of Australian Unity Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Why choose Australian Unity?

Get quick and easy access to health insurance to help cover your health costs and meet visa requirements. You will be covered for a wide range of services and treatments including:

  • Confirmation letter sent instantly by email
  • Help pay for a wide range of medical costs, like emergency ambulance and doctor fees
  • Affordable health insurance to suit different needs and budgets
  • Dedicated support team to help you
Does Australian Unity OVHC comply with the requirements of the Department of Home Affairs?

Under some visas, you may be required to meet condition 8501. Condition 8501 means that you must have and maintain adequate health insurance for the whole of your stay in Australia. All Australian Unity Working Visitors Covers meet condition 8501.

What is included in Australian Unity OVHC?

Overseas visitors health cover can help pay for some or all medical costs while you’re in Australia. What services are covered will depend on which product you buy. Services may include:

  • Doctor and specialist fees
  • Hospital treatment, including accommodation and theatre fees
  • Emergency ambulance
  • Day surgery and procedures
  • In-hospital pharmacy
  • Prescription medications from the chemist

Overseas visitors health cover generally doesn’t include health services like dental, physiotherapy, and optical. However, Australian Unity offer Extras health insurance which you can purchase to help cover some of these costs.

What OVHC options does Australian Unity have?

Australian Unity has three types of cover for overseas visitors:

  1. Budget Workers Cover
  2. Mid Workers Cover
  3. Workers Cover Plus

Australian Unity Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Health Insurance Benefits Australian Unity
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Instant visa letter
Out of Hospital Treatment
Doctor Servicesx
Antenatal, postnatal and psychiatric benefitsx
Prescription medicinesx
Hospital Types Covered
Public hospitals
Private hospitals - agreementx
Private hospitals - non-agreementx
In Hospital Inclusions
Public Only
Prescription Medicines (in hospital)
Public Only
Surgical implanted prosthesis
Public Only
Accident and emergency services
Public Only
Doctor services
100% of MBS
In Hospital Specific Services
Pregnancy and related servicesMinimum benefits
RehabilitationMinimum benefits
Psychiatric or palliative careMinimum benefits
Gastric Banding
Public Only
Bone marrow and organ transplant
IVF and Assisted repoductive services
Cosmetic surgeryx
Emergency ambulance services
Gap schemex
Repatriation to home country
Waiting Periods
In-patient psychiatric, rehabilitation and palliative care2 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Pregnancy and related services12 months
Out of hospital prescription medicinesx


How do I receive my health insurance confirmation letter?

Once you select and purchase Australian Unity’s Overseas Visitors Cover, you will automatically receive your health insurance confirmation letter by email.

Please provide a valid email address to Australian Unity to ensure the letter reaches you without unnecessary delay.

What if my visa status changes?

If your visa status changes, it is important that you advise Australian Unity as your chosen cover may no longer suit your needs. Australian Unity may be able to
offer you an alternative cover within the Overseas Visitors Cover range or, if your status has changed to a permanent resident, we have a range of
hospital and extras covers to meet your needs.

What’s next once I arrive in Australia?
  1. Send a copy of your passport and arrival document to Australian Unity
  2. Check for any waiting periods that may apply
  3. Know and understand your OVHC benefits with Australian unity
  4. Nominate a delegated authority – this is someone who can access your health insurance policy on your behalf to assist managing claims with Australian Unity if you are unable
What are my responsibilities as a Member of Australian Unity?

The person first named under the health cover (the Member) is the owner of the health membership. As the Member, it’s your responsibility to let us know of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your membership. These circumstances include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Adding or removing members from your policy
  • Registering as a student dependent
  • Changing your address and contact details
How can I make a claim with Australian Unity?

To make a claim, it depends on the type of medical care you have received.

Hospital Claims

  • Australian Unity has arrangements with most hospitals for benefits to be paid direct to the hospital on your behalf. However, your doctor or medical practitioner may bill you directly and you will need to submit a claim to Australian Unity for payment of these benefits.

Claim on-the-spot

  • If your healthcare provider has HICAPS or other electronic claiming, simply swipe your Australian Unity member card. Once your claim is authorised, you can pay any difference there and then.

Online Claims

  • You can submit extras claims online and upload scanned or photographed receipts.

App and Device Claims

  • You can submit extras claims by either photographing and uploading your receipts or completing your claims details in the relevant section via the Australian Unity Health app.
Does Australian Unity have an interpreter service?

If you are having trouble reading or understanding the information provided by Australian Unity, they offer a free interpreter service to assist you.

Calling from within Australia : 1300 683 782

Calling from overseas: +61 3 8682 7550

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