Australian Health Management is known as AHM and was founded in the 1970s. It is now owned by Medibank and offers Overseas Student Health Cover to international students.

General Overview of AHM Overseas Student Health Cover

AHM OSHC includes benefits toward hospital and medical costs while you are studying in Australia.

This includes:

  • Visits to General Practitioners (GPs) and specialists
  • Treatment by doctors in hospitals, such as surgeons and anaesthetists
  • Pathology tests
  • X-rays
  • Hospital accommodation costs
  • Prescription medicines
  • Emergency ambulance transport

Your OSHC also includes access to health advice from a registered nurse 24 hours a day.

AHM OSHC and Student Visas

AHM OSHC can only be purchased by people who are or will be in Australia on the following visas:

  • 500 Student
  • 570 Independent ELICOS Sector
  • 571 Schools Sector
  • 572 Vocational Education and Training Sector
  • 573 Higher Education Sector
  • 574 Postgraduate Research Sector
  • 575 Non Award Sector
  • 576 Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector

Visa Compliance and Allianz Care OSHC

AHM OSHC meets the Home Affairs health insurance requirements.

AHM Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsAHM
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Apply online
In Hospital Treatment
Accident and Emergency Services
All Hospitals
Outpatient and Postoperative
Doctor Services
100% of MBS
Out of Hospital Treatment
Standard GP Consultation
100% of MBS
85% of MBS
85% of MBS
Pathology and X-rays
85% of MBS
Emergency ambulance services
Surgically implanted prosthesis
Prescription medicines
$50 item limit
PBS co-payment
$300 limit person limit p.a.
Waiting Periods
Pre-existing psychiatric2 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Obstetrics12 months
Extra Features
Refund Policy
Limited fees apply
Support Services
24hr health and emergency support line


What happens after I arrived in Australia?

Once you arrive in Australia it is important that you ACTIVATE your health cover. You can do this online, via email or phone call to AHM.

You will then receive your membership card electronically or in the mail within 10 business days if you have requested one. This card is what you use upon attending doctor appointments, hospital admissions or any other health care claims.

What does a Gap mean?

You may need to pay something towards the cost of these services – this is often called a gap or and out-of-pocket expense. A gap fee or out-of-pocket expense is the difference between the fee charged by your provider and the benefit AHM pays for the service. There are also some services or treatments that are excluded. For more information see your Member Guide and Cover Summary – these are available on ahmoshc.com.au in the ‘OSHC Support’ section.

What doesn’t AHM OSHC cover?

AHM OSHC does not cover the following under the insurance policy:

  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Podiatric surgery performed by a non-registered podiatric surgeon
  • Treatment not considered medically necessary i.e. health screening services for employment
  • Surgically implanted prostheses or other items not included on the government’s Prostheses list
What is AHM’s Online Member Service?

Online Member Services (OMS) is a facility which you can access to manage your cover either via ahmoshc.com.au or through the ahm OSHC app available via Apple App Store or
Google Play Store. You can:

  • View cover details
  • Update contact and bank details
  • Access 24/7 Student Health & Support
  • Find a provider who will bill us directly
  • View your digital card
  • Make a claim and more
How do I get my membership card?

You must register for Online Member Services receive your ahm OSHC membership card. This will be posted to your Australian Address within 10 working days.
You can request a card to be sent to you in the mail if you prefer to carry a card in your wallet. Log in to Online Member Services at ahmoshc.com.au, select ‘My Account’ then ‘Order a card

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