Medibank are an integrated healthcare company that provides private health insurance and health solutions including Overseas Student Health Cover. Medibank has more than 45 years of experience and is committed to the health and wellbeing of their customers.

General Overview of Medibank Overseas Student Health Cover

Medibank OSHC provides health insurance cover for the 500 Student Visa while you are studying in Australia. Medibank’s OSHC can meet your via health insurance requiremets and help with medical treatment if you have an accident or get sick.

This benefits of taking out OSHC with Medibank include:

  • Visa compliant cover
    • Medibank OSHC meet the requirements set out by the Australian Government and are 100% compliant for applying for or renewing, a Student visa.
  • 24/7 Medibank Student Health and Support Line
    • You call the Student Health and Support Line for health advice for a registered nurse, counselling services, emergency legal advice, travel document assistance, interpreter service and more
  • Receive your insurance certificate online
    • Your insurance certificate can be accessed online to include in your visa application as soon as you purchase
  • Protect against the unexpected
    • Unlimited emergency ambulance services Australia-wide

Types of Medibank OSHC

Medibank offer two types of overseas cover for students:

  1. Essentials OSHC
  2. Comprehensive OSHC – only available through selected universities and schools

Difference between Essentials OSHC and Comprehensive OSHC

The Comprehensive OSHC differs from the Essentials OSHC as it includes the following Extras:

  • Private psychology benefit
  • Repatriation benefit
  • Counselling benefit

Medibank Care Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsMedibank
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Apply online
In Hospital Treatment
Accident and Emergency Services
All Hospitals
Outpatient and Postoperative
Doctor Services
100% of MBS
Out of Hospital Treatment
Standard GP Consultation
100% of MBS
85% of MBS
85% of MBS
Pathology and X-rays85% of MBS
Emergency ambulance services
Surgically implanted prosthesis
Prescription medicines
$70 item limit
PBS co-payment
$300 limit person limit p.a.
Waiting Periods
Pre-existing psychiatric0 months
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Obstetrics12 months
Extra Features
Refund Policy
Limited fees apply
Support Services
24hr health and emergency support line


Who is covered under the Medibank OSHC?

With Medibank OSHC you can choose:

  • single policy that covers the student only
  • couple policy that covers the student and their spouse or de facto partner as listed on the student’s visa
  • family policy that covers the student and their dependants (such as their spouse or de facto partner and any dependant children under 18 years of age) as listed on the student’s visa.

Please note Medibank do not cover members of your family such as parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles or aunts.

Can I buy my OSHC before I arrive in Australia?

Yes. You can buy Medibank Essentials OSHC directly online.

Purchase of the Medibank Comprehensive OSHC policy however is only available through selected universities and schools. Check with your institution to see if you can access this cover.

When does my Medibank OSHC start?

When you buy your Medibank OSHC online, you become a member from the date of your arrival in Australia. However, if you do not pay your OSHC premium before your date of arrival, your commencement date will be the date your OSHC premium is first paid.

If you purchase your Medibank OSHC while you are already in Australia, it will start on the day you join.

What does the Medibank OSHC not cover?

Medibank OSHC does not cover the following under the insurance policy:

  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Podiatric surgery performed by a non-registered podiatric surgeon
  • Treatment not considered medically necessary i.e. health screening services required for employment or visa renewal
  • Surgically implanted prostheses and other items not included on the government’s Prostheses List
  • Same-day procedures as not requiring hospitalisation
  • Where a provider charges for two or more consultations on the same day
  • Optical items and ancillary services such as dental or physiotherapy
  • Transportation into or out of Australia

Note: This is not a complete list of exclusions. Please ensure you conduct independent research prior to taking out OSHC. 

How can I make an OSHC claim?

To make an OSHC claim with Medibank, there are three options:

  • Direct billing for Medibank benefit providers
  • By Post
  • At a Medibank store
  • Online via Medibank website or Medibank OSHC app

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