NIB was established in 1952 and are one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds. The insurance provider empower members to make better decisions and improve health outcomes through accessibility to affordable health services and information. NIB provide health and medical insurance to over 1.4 million Australian and New Zealand residents. They also provide health insurance to more than 190,000 international students and workers in Australia. NIB won the 2021 Outstanding Value Award for Overseas Student Health Cover by Canstar, a financial comparison site.

General Overview of NIB Overseas Student Health Cover

NIB OSHC provides health insurance to students travelling to Australia to study.

This benefits of taking out OSHC with NIB include:

  • Visa compliant cover
    • NIB OSHC meets the student visa requirements set out by the Department of Home Affairs
  • Instant OSHC Confirmation
    • Receive your OSHC Confirmation Certificate in as soon as 5 minutes
  • More than one million people in Australia and New Zealand trust NIB with their health insurance

NIB Overseas Student Health Cover

Health Insurance BenefitsNIB
Visa Compliance
Meets government requirements
Apply online
In Hospital Treatment
Accident and Emergency Services
Public and Agreement Only
Outpatient and Postoperative
Doctor Services
100% of MBS
Out of Hospital Treatment
Standard GP Consultation
100% of MBS
100% of MBS
85% of MBS
Pathology and X-rays
85% of MBS
Emergency ambulance services
Surgically implanted prosthesis
Prescription medicines
$50 item limit
PBS co-payment
$300 limit person limit p.a.
Waiting Periods
Pre-existing psychiatric2 months (waived)
Pre-existing conditions12 months
Obstetrics12 months
Extra Features
Refund Policy
No fees
Support Services
24hr health support line


Who is covered under the NIB OSHC?

With NIB OSHC you can choose:

  • Singles – cover for only you.
  • Couples – covers both you and your partner if they live with you in Australia and are listed on your student visa.
  • Families – covers you, your partner and any dependent children aged under 18 living with you in Australia and listed on your student visa.
How do I get my NIB Membership Card?

Your nib member card has your name and member number on it and can be used to identify you and your policy, so take it with you to all medical appointments. You can use your nib card to claim at your dentist, physio, optometrist or other Extras healthcare provider. All adult policy members will be sent a member card shortly after they join, and you can request additional cards for other policy members. If you have a smartphone, you can also access your digital nib card to save bringing your plastic card with you to your healthcare appointments. Find your digital member card in the NIB App.

What does the NIB OSHC not cover?

NIB OSHC does not cover the following under the insurance policy:

  • Cosmetic treatment
  • Extra treatment such as treatments by a dentist, physiotherapist or any other Extras service provider
  • Infertility treatments like assisted reproductive services or in-vitro fertilisation and secondary conditions related to infertility treatments
  • Transportation into or out of Australia
  • Treatment arranged prior to arriving in Australia
  • Treatment outside of Australia or en route to or from Australia
  • Services and treatments that are covered by compensation or damages of any kind
  • Services not covered by Medicare

Note: This is not a complete list of exclusions. Please ensure you conduct independent research prior to taking out OSHC. 

How can I make an OSHC claim?

To make an OSHC claim with NIB, there are several options:

  • The fastest way to claim is:
    • Online
    • NIB App
  • Alternatively, you can complete the OSHC Claim Form and attach your original healthcare receipts. You can lodge this form by either:
    • Email; or
    • Post

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