Which Australian States/Territories are open for Offshore Skilled Migration Program?

Since the Australian border opened in February 2022, the states and territories have now started to open their Skilled Migration Program to offshore applicants after 2 years of closure. This article aims to provide a summary of which states/ territories are open for visa 190 and visa 491 nomination.


South Australia is currently accepting applications from offshore candidates for their skills migration nomination program. Offshore skills migration in South Australia is only available for visa subclass 491.

In order to apply from offshore, applicants generally need to meet higher requirements, see below:

  • Have an occupation included in the occupation list eligible for the offshore stream
  • Higher English Language Requirement: minimum level of Proficient or Superior. Please refer to the list below for the English requirements of each occupation.
  • Have a minimum of 5 or 8 years of work experience in the occupation or related occupation, depending on your nominated occupation.

The list of occupations for offshore applicants can be found here.

If you want to apply for a nomination from South Australia, you need to Register your Interest with the State government and wait for them to invite you to apply for the State Nomination.


Offshore candidates skilled in occupations within some ANZSCO unit groups will now be considered in invitation rounds for visa 190 nomination. If you are residing offshore, you must:

  • have continuously resided offshore for the past three months; AND
  • have a valid skills assessment for an occupation within an ANZSCO unit group that accepts offshore candidates. These occupations can be found here.

You may also be eligible to apply for a visa 491 nomination under Stream 3 if your occupation is required in Regional NSW. This occupations list can be found here.


The table below summarises the requirements for overseas applicants and their eligibility to apply for the ACT skilled nomination program.

Criteria Visa 190 Nomination Visa 491 Nomination
  • Must be in the ACT Critical Skills List
  • Must be in the ACT Critical Skills List
Current employment
  • Must be currently working full time in your nominated occupation.
  • Hold the relevant Australian registration or licencing if it is required for your nominated occupation
  • Must be currently working full time in your nominated occupation.
Job Offer
  • You have a full time job offer in your nominated occupation. The position must be Canberra and be available for at least two years.
  • Your employer must has at least 50 employees and is trading is Canberra.
  • No need. However, you must prove that you must explain that you are employable in Canberra
  • Proficient or Superior
  • Proficient or Superior
Spouse/ Partner
  • Must have proof of relationship
  • Competent English
  • Must have proof of relationship
  • Competent English

Overseas Resident: You and any migrating dependents (except children enrolled at school in the ACT):

  • are living overseas.
  • have not lived in Australia for the last year.
  • do not hold a current Australian visa (or bridging visa), except an Australian visitor visa.

For more information about ACT state nomination, please click here.


You may be eligible to apply for Tasmania state nomination for visa 491, if your occupation is in the Tasmanian Skilled Occupation List (TSOL) or you have got a job offer in Tasmania.

For more information about Tasmania nomination for offshore applicants, please click here.

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