Tasmanian Skilled Occupations List (TSOL)

What is it TSOL?

The Tasmanian Skilled Occupations List (TSOL) identifies skills that are currently in demand in Tasmania and is derived from the list of eligible occupations for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491), as defined by the Australian Government. The occupations listed have been identified by the Tasmanian Government as areas of skills shortage in the State, based on the extent of evidence currently available.


Tasmanian Onshore Skilled Occupation List – June 2022

The following occupations are used to determine eligibility for subclass 190 nomination the Tasmanian Skilled Employment nomination pathway, and to prioritise registrations of interest in the Migration Tasmania Gateway.

Unless stated otherwise, the caveats listed for some occupations are also required to obtain

Gold or Green priority attributes in all pathways. Refer to the “Additional information, exclusions and definitions” document for more information.

This document is not an authoritative list of the current or most pressing skills or workforce shortage areas in Tasmania.

The National Skills Commission conducts ongoing research and publishes data regarding trends in the Australian job market, including workforce needs in Tasmania. For more information visit the Labour Market Insights portal.

This list will be updated upon the next release of the National Skills Commission’s Skills

Priority List.


  1. Candidates may have a skills assessment* and an employment role within the same four-digit group to be considered for subclass 190 nomination in the Tasmanian Skilled Employment Where an occupation is not on the Home Affairs skilled occupation lists and a skills assessment is not available for that role, candidates may have a skills assessment for one of the occupations in the group that is listed.

For example, an applicant who holds a skills assessment for “232212 Surveyor” could be working in any of the roles listed in the “2322 Surveyors and Spatial Scientists” group to meet the subclass 190 nomination requirement.



  1. Where stated, full CPA, CA, IPA, ACCA, CFA, CIMA membership is This does not include associate membership or the migration skills assessment.
Occupation Group Related Occupations / Roles

Must have a skills assessment for subclass 190 eligible occupation and be working in a role in the same four-digit group

Notes and caveats

Must be met for subclass 190 Tasmanian Skilled Employment pathway, and to

meet Green or Gold

priority attributes for all pathways

(unless otherwise stated)

1211 Aquaculture Farmers 121111 Aquaculture Farmer
1213 Livestock Farmers 121311 Apiarist

121312 Beef Cattle Farmer 121313 Dairy Cattle Farmer 121314 Deer Farmer

121315 Goat Farmer

121316 Horse Breeder

121318 Pig Farmer

121321 Poultry Farmer

121322 Sheep Farmer

121323 Mixed Cattle and Sheep Farmer

121399 Livestock Farmers nec

1311 Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Managers 131112 Sales and Marketing Manager

131113 Advertising Manager 131114 Public Relations Manager

Employer must have operated in Tasmania for at least three years
1321 Corporate Services Managers 132111 Corporate Services Manager
1331 Construction Managers 133111 Construction Project Manager

133112 Project Builder

1332 Engineering Managers 133211 Engineering Manager
1351 ICT Managers 135111 Chief Information Officer* 135112 ICT Project Manager 135199 ICT Managers nec *Skills assessment not available for this occupation
1399 Other Specialist Managers 139911 Arts Administrator or Manager

139912 Environmental Manager

139913 Laboratory Manager 139914 Quality Assurance Manager 139915 Sports Administrator 139999 Specialist Managers nec*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
1411 Cafe and Restaurant Managers 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager
2211 Accountants 221111 Accountant (General)

221112 Management Accountant

221113 Taxation Accountant

Must have full membership of either CPA/CA/IPA/ACC A/CFA/CIMA

(Skilled Employment Pathway Only)

Employer must have operated for at least 3 years for Gold / Green attributes in other pathways
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 221211 Company Secretary

221212 Corporate Treasurer*

221213 External Auditor

221214 Internal Auditor

Must have full membership of either CPA/CA/IPA/ACC A/CFA/CIMA

(Skilled Employment Pathway Only)

Employer must have operating for at least 3 years for Gold / Green attributes in other pathways

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation

2231 Human Resource Professionals 223111 Human Resource Adviser 223112 Recruitment Consultant

223113 Workplace Relations Adviser

2251 Advertising and Marketing Professionals 225111 Advertising Specialist 225112 Market Research Analyst 225113 Marketing Specialist

225114 Content Creator* (Marketing)

225115 Digital Marketing Analyst*

Employer must have operated in Tasmania for at least three years

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation

2322 Surveyors and Spatial Scientists 232212 Surveyor

232213 Cartographer

232214 Other Spatial Scientist

2326 Urban and Regional Planners 232611 Urban and Regional Planner
2331 Chemical and Materials Engineers 233111 Chemical Engineer

233112 Materials Engineer

2332 Civil Engineering Professionals 233211 Civil Engineer

233212 Geotechnical Engineer

233213 Quantity Surveyor

233214 Structural Engineer

233215 Transport Engineer

2333 Electrical Engineers 233311 Electrical Engineer
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 233511 Industrial Engineer

233512 Mechanical Engineer 233513 Production or Plant Engineer

2336 Mining Engineers 233611 Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)

233612 Petroleum Engineer

2341 Agricultural and Forestry Scientists 234111 Agricultural Consultant 234113 Forester / Forest Scientist 234114 Agricultural Research* Scientist

234115 Agronomist*

234116 Aquaculture or Fisheries Scientist*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
2344 Geologists, Geophysicists and Hydrogeologists 234411 Geologist

234412 Geophysicist

234413 Hydrogeologist

2345 Life Scientists 234511 Life Scientist (General) 234513 Biochemist

234514 Biotechnologist

234515 Botanist

234516 Marine Biologist

234517 Microbiologist

234521 Entomologist*

234518 Zoologist

234599 Life Scientists nec

2346 Medical Scientists 234611 Medical Laboratory Scientist
2347 Veterinarians 234711 Veterinarian
2349 Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals 234911 Conservator

234912 Metallurgist

234913 Meteorologist

234914 Physicist

234915 Exercise Physiologist 234999 Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec

2411 Early Childhood (Pre- primary School) Teachers 241111 Early Childhood (Pre- primary School) Teacher
2412 Primary School Teachers 241213 Primary School Teacher
2413 Middle School Teachers / Intermediate School Teachers 241311 Middle School Teacher / Intermediate School Teacher
2414 Secondary School Teachers 241411 Secondary School Teacher
2421 University Lecturers and Tutors 242111 University Lecturer

242112 University Tutor*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
2422 Vocational Education Teachers (Aus) / Polytechnic Teachers (NZ) 242211 Vocational Education Teacher / Polytechnic Teacher
2511 Nutrition Professionals 251111 Dietitian

251112 Nutritionist

2512 Medical Imaging Professionals 251211 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

251212 Medical Radiation Therapist 251213 Nuclear Medicine Technologist

251214 Sonographer

2513 Occupational and Environmental Health Professionals 251311 Environmental Health Officer

251312 Occupational Health and Safety Adviser

2514 Optometrists and Orthoptists 251411 Optometrist

251412 Orthoptist

2515 Pharmacists 251511 Hospital Pharmacist

251512 Industrial Pharmacist

251513 Retail Pharmacist

2519 Other Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals 251911 Health Promotion Officer 251912 Orthotist or Prosthetist 251999 Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals nec
2521 Chiropractors and Osteopaths 252111 Chiropractor

252112 Osteopath

2523 Dental Practitioners 252311 Dental Specialist

252312 Dentist

2524 Occupational Therapists 252411 Occupational Therapist
2525 Physiotherapists 252511 Physiotherapist
2526 Podiatrists 252611 Podiatrist
2527 Audiologists and Speech Pathologists \ Therapists 252711 Audiologist

252712 Speech Pathologist / Speech Language Therapist

2531 General Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers 253111 General Practitioner 253112 Resident Medical Officer
2532 Anaesthetists 253211 Anaesthetist
2533 Specialist Physicians 253311 Specialist Physician (General Medicine)

253312 Cardiologist

253313 Clinical Haematologist

253314 Medical Oncologist

253315 Endocrinologist

253316 Gastroenterologist 253317 Intensive Care Specialist 253318 Neurologist

253321 Paediatrician

253322 Renal Medicine Specialist 253323 Rheumatologist

253324 Thoracic Medicine Specialist

253399 Specialist Physicians nec

2534 Psychiatrists 253411 Psychiatrist
2535 Surgeons 253511 Surgeon (General)

253512 Cardiothoracic Surgeon

253513 Neurosurgeon

253514 Orthopaedic Surgeon

253515 Otorhinolaryngologist

253516 Paediatric Surgeon 253517 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

253518 Urologist

253521 Vascular Surgeon

2539 Other Medical Practitioners 253911 Dermatologist

253912 Emergency Medicine Specialist

253913 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

253914 Ophthalmologist

253915 Pathologist

253917 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist 253918 Radiation Oncologist 253999 Medical Practitioners nec

2541 Midwives 254111 Midwife
2542 Nurse Educators and Researchers 254211 Nurse Educator

254212 Nurse Researcher

2543 Nurse Managers 254311 Nurse Manager
2544 Registered Nurses 254411 Nurse Practitioner 254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care)

254413 Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)

254414 Registered Nurse (Community Health)

254415 Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)

254416 Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability)

254417 Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)

254418 Registered Nurse (Medical) 254421 Registered Nurse (Medical Practice)

254422 Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

254423 Registered Nurse (Perioperative)

254424 Registered Nurse (Surgical) 254425 Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)

254499 Registered Nurses nec

2612 Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers 261211 Multimedia Specialist

261212 Web Developer

Employer must have operated in Tasmania for at least three years
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 261311 Analyst Programmer

261312 Developer Programmer

261313 Software Engineer

261314 Software Tester

261315 Cyber Security Engineer* 261316 DevOps Engineer*

261317 Penetration Tester* 261399 Software and Applications

Programmers nec

Employer must have operated in Tasmania for at least three years

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation

2621 Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists 262111 Database Administrator

262113 Systems Administrator 262114 Cyber Governance Risk and Compliance Specialist*

262115 Cyber Security Advice and Assessment Specialist*

262116 Cyber Security Analyst* 262117 Cyber Security Architect* 262118 Cyber Security Operations Coordinator*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
2723 Psychologists 272311 Clinical Psychologist

272312 Educational Psychologist

272313 Organisational Psychologist

272314 Psychotherapist

272399 Psychologists nec

2725 Social Workers 272511 Social Worker
3111 Agricultural Technicians 311112 Agricultural and Agritech Technician

311113 Animal Husbandry Technician*

311114 Aquaculture or Fisheries Technician*

311115 Irrigation Designer*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3112 Medical Technicians 311211 Anaesthetic Technician 311212 – Cardiac Technician 311213 – Medical Laboratory Technician

311214 – Operating Theatre Technician

311215 – Pharmacy Technician 311216 – Pathology Collector 311299 – Medical Technicians (nec)

3121 Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians 312111 Architectural Draftsperson

312112 Building Associate*

312113 Building Inspector

312114 Construction Estimator

312115 Plumbing Inspector* 312116 Surveying or Spatial Science Technician

312199 Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians nec

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3122 Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson

312212 Civil Engineering Technician

3123 Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians 312311 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson

312312 Electrical Engineering Technician

3125 Mechanical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians 312511 Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson

312512 Mechanical Engineering Technician

3211 Automotive Electricians 321111 Automotive Electrician
3212 Motor Mechanics 321211 Motor Mechanic (General) 321212 Diesel Motor Mechanic 321213 Motorcycle Mechanic 321214 Small Engine Mechanic Employer must have operated in Tasmania for at least three years
3221 Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers 322111 Blacksmith*

322112 Electroplater*

322113 Farrier

322114 Metal Casting Trades Worker*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3222 Sheetmetal Trades Workers 322211 Sheetmetal Trades Worker
3223 Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers 322311 Metal Fabricator

322312 Pressure Welder 322313 Welder (First Class)

3231 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers 323111 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)

323112 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) 323113 Aircraft Maintenance

Engineer (Structures)

3232 Metal Fitters and Machinists 323211 Fitter (General) 323212 Fitter and Turner 323213 Fitter-Welder

323214 Metal Machinist (First Class) 323215 Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic*

323299 Metal Fitters and Machinists nec

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3233 Precision Metal Trades Workers 323311 Engraver*

323312 Gunsmith*

323313 Locksmith

323314 Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer

323315 Saw Doctor*

323316 Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3241 Panelbeaters 324111 Panelbeater
3311 Bricklayers and Stonemasons 331111 Bricklayer

331112 Stonemason

3312 Carpenters and Joiners 331211 Carpenter and Joiner 331212 Carpenter

331213 Joiner

3321 Floor Finishers 332111 Floor Finisher
3322 Painting Trades Workers 332211 Painting Trades Worker Must have worked in role for 12 months if employer has not operated in Tasmania for at least three years
3331 Glaziers 333111 Glazier
3332 Plasterers 333211 Fibrous Plasterer

333212 Solid Plasterer

3333 Roof Tilers 333311 Roof Tiler
3334 Wall and Floor Tilers 333411 Wall and Floor Tiler
3341 Plumbers 334111 Plumber (General)

334112 Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber 334113 Drainer / Drainlayer 334114 Gasfitter

334115 Roof Plumber

3411 Electricians 341111 Electrician (General) 341112 Electrician (Special Class) 341113 Lift Mechanic
3421 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics 342111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
3422 Electrical Distribution Trades Workers 342211 Electrical Linesworker / Electrical Line Mechanic 342212 Technical Cable Jointer
3424 Telecommunications Trades Workers 342411 Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)

342412 Telecommunications Cable Jointer*

342413 Telecommunications Linesworker / Telecommunications Line Mechanic

342414 Telecommunications Technician*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
3511 Bakers and Pastrycooks 351111 Baker

351112 Pastrycook

3512 Butchers and Smallgoods Makers 351211 Butcher or Smallgoods Maker
3513 Chefs 351311 Chef
3514 Cooks 351411 Cook
3622 Gardeners 362211 Gardener (General)
3911 Hairdressers 391111 Hairdresser
3933 Upholsterers 393311 Upholsterer
3941 Cabinetmakers 394111 Cabinetmaker
3942 Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers 394211 Furniture Finisher

394212 Picture Framer*

394213 Wood Machinist

394214 Wood Turner* 394299 Wood Machinists and

Other Wood Trades Workers nec

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation
4114 Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses 411411 Enrolled Nurse

411412 Mothercraft Nurse*

*Skills assessment not available for this occupation

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