A blurred interior shot of a modern building with multiple levels, suggesting a busy, contemporary public space or shopping mall.
A focused young woman in glasses and a denim jacket working at a computer in an office setting.
A distant view of traditional Dutch windmills beside a river, with the reflection visible in the calm water, set against a clear sky, depicting a serene and picturesque Dutch landscape.
An image of a runner on a deserted road at sunrise or sunset, symbolizing determination, endurance, and the journey towards a personal goal.
A tiny image of a scenic landscape at sunset, too small to detail.
Aerial view of a person surrounded by stingrays in shallow water, suggesting a unique travel or migration experience offered by Visa Envoy.
Skyline of a modern cityscape with a river in the foreground, likely representing a destination for migrants or a city where Visa Envoy operates
Scenic view of a rugged coastline with the ocean stretching into the horizon, symbolizing travel and migration destinations.