Travel exemption applications now open for parents of Australians

Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply for a travel exemption, for travel to Australia from 1 November 2021.

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said the changes would reunite many families separated by the pandemic.

“For more than 18 months, many families with parents overseas have missed weddings, funerals, the birth of grandchildren, and other significant events. I thank these families for their patience and their sacrifice over this period,”Minister Andrews said.

“With today’s change, parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents can reunite in Australia; they can once more hold their grandchildren, and gather in person to share life’s significant milestones.

“The change is possible because many millions of Australians have rolled up their sleeves and been vaccinated. In line with Australia’s National Plan, I look forward to further easing travel restrictions over coming weeks and months as Australia’s vaccination rate continues to climb.”

Applications for a travel exemption can be made through the Department of Home Affairs Travel Exemption Portal, for travel to Australia from 1 November 2021. If you require assistance please book a time here.

Evidence of a parental relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident is required, with examples of the type of evidence required available on the Department’s website. Parents must also have a valid passport, visa and proof of vaccination for travel to Australia.

You will need to provide evidence of:

  • your adult child’s Australian citizenship or permanent residency; and
  • your parental relationship to the Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Examples of evidence that you can provide include:

  • Evidence that your adult child is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, such as:
    • Australian passport
    • Australian citizenship certificate
    • Australian birth certificate
    • evidence of permanent residence in Australia &
  • Evidence of your parental relationship with the Australian citizen or permanent resident, such as:
    • birth certificate
    • adoption certificate
    • marriage certificate
    • family status certificate or family book if officially issued and maintained.

From 1 November 2021, the definition of ‘immediate family member’ will include the parents of adult Australian citizens and permanent residents. This is for the purpose of assessing exemptions to Australia’s travel restrictions only.

The definition of parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents includes:

  • biological parents
  • legal (including adoptive) parents
  • step-parents
  • parents in-law.

All international travellers remain subject to state and territory quarantine arrangements.

Victoria: “From November 1, international travellers returning back to Melbourne or coming to Melbourne, coming to Victoria for the first time, will not have to quarantine.


People arriving in NSW who are fully vaccinated will not need to quarantine. They must:

  • have a COVID-19 test after arrival
  • prove full vaccination as recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and have their vaccination status certified by the Commonwealth.

People arriving in NSW from overseas who are not fully vaccinated must quarantine for 14 days. A cap on arrivals who are not fully vaccinated will apply.

Tasmania: All vaccinated interstate and international arrivals can enter Tasmania without a need for quarantine from December 15.

Whilst most travel exemption requests are finalised in 48 hours, some requests may take longer. It is therefore best to submit the online request at least two weeks, but not more than three months prior to travel.

Consultations can be made via Video Google Meet, Skype, Phone.

If you would like a comprehensive consultation which includes assessing you for other temporary and permanent visa options (Skilled visas, Employer Sponsored, Partner, etc.) as well, we recommend our standard 45 minute to 1 hour consultation which can be scheduled here: (45 min- $160)


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