NSW Government Remove Quarantine Requirements for Fully Vaccinated International Arrivals

The NSW Government have announced today that from 1 November 2021, fully vaccinated international travelers will no longer be required to quarantine upon arrival in New South Wales. Previously, all international arrivals were required to completed 14 days in hotel quarantine at their own cost and only recently, the NSW Government commenced trialing 7-day home quarantine arrangements. The NSW Premier Dominic Perrottot says that this policy change will allow Sydney and NSW to “open to the world”.[1]


International travelers will be required to demonstrate the following prior to arrival:

  1. Proof of double dose TGA-approved vaccine
  2. Negative PCR test prior to boarding flight to NSW

The NSW Government have stated that they will be working alongside the Commonwealth Government to ensure that any necessary protections are put in place. Prime Minister Scott Morrison later announced that the quarantine-free travel arrangements in NSW will only apply to Australian residents, Australian citizens, and their immediate families.

It should be noted that NSW is the first state or territory in Australia to announce quarantine-free arrangements for fully vaccinated travelers. All other state and territory borders currently remain closed to NSW. Therefore, the status of interstate travel remains unknown. We expect to hear the other state and territory’s plans over the coming weeks.

Unvaccinated international travelers will still be required to quarantine in a hotel. However, there are limited places as only 210 spots per week will be made available.

The NSW Government Media Release states that “Welcoming back fully vaccinated travelers will not only mean families and friends can be home in time for Christmas, it will also give our economy a major boost.”[2]

Australian borders to open in November 2021

Australia’s international borders will open in November 2021, with the Federal Government announcing the ban on international travel will be lifted next month, allowing fully vaccinated Australians to return home. Fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to undergo quarantine at home for 7 days, while unvaccinated Australians will still be required to undergo quarantine at hotels or dedicated facilities for 14 days. The exact timing will vary from state to state, but New South Wales is expected to be the first to welcome back international travellers. 

Australia has rolled out its vaccination plan and targeted to have 70% of its eligible population vaccinated by November 2021, and 80% in December 2021. If the plan can be timely implemented, we can expect Australian’s border to be open at the beginning of 2022 for international travelers who are fully vaccinated.

Please read the full article here: Australia’s four-phase plan to open its border

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