Medical Tests (AU)

Medical tests – please book your medicals using these instructions

Thank you for completing your health questionnaire.

The next step is for you to complete a medical examination and chest x-ray. Please be aware that the medicals can only be completed by nominated panel physicians. You cannot go to your local doctor.

Please follow these instructions to complete your health checks:

Step 1:  Print out the attached referral letter. You will note it has a HAP ID – this is your personal identifier. You will need to quote this when you make your medical appointment.

[If offshore]

Step 2: Make an appointment with the appropriate Australian government approved panel physician.  Details are available here.

[If onshore]

Step 2: Make an appointment with BUPA Medical Visa Services here:

Step 3: Please keep me updated with all progress steps including booking and attending your appointment.

What to take with you? 

It is important that you take all of the following with you to your appointment:

  • Your passport
  • Your e-Medical referral letter
  • Your prescription spectacles or contact lenses (if applicable)
  • Any previous chest x-rays.
  • Existing specialist and/or other relevant medical reports for known medical conditions

Your results will be sent electronically to the immigration department’s processing centre to be linked with your visa application.


The results of your health assessment are usually valid for 12 months. If we ask you to sign a health undertaking, they are valid for 6 months.


Medical Tests (NZ)

Persons entering New Zealand to work and live for 12 months or longer are required to show that they are in good health and are of good character.  If you are coming to New Zealand for longer than 24 months, you and your spouse (if applicable) will need to provide Medicals (including X-rays) and Police reports.  All children, including babies, must have a medical examination. Children aged 10 and under don’t need to have a chest x-ray, unless the physician thinks it’s necessary or INZ ask for one.

In terms of the medical requirements, we will send a separate email with instructions and a list of panel doctors for your location so that you may make appointments.  You will need to read the introduction and take the relevant documents requested with you (ie your passports and photographs) to your appointments.  Please note that medicals are only valid for 3 months from date of issue so you cannot get them too early otherwise they will have expired by the time we lodge the applications with Immigration New Zealand.

Note: If you sent INZ a chest x-ray certificate with an earlier visa application, you don’t need to have another x-ray unless it’s been more than 3 years since you had the last one.


Other resources:

  • Accounts
  • Pay online
  • Google Meet instructions
  • full-face view passport photograph per requirements for all family members
  • evidence of your de facto relationship
  • A sample reference letter can be seen here. Please note that the main duties should align with your nominated occupation, Chef :  (For your guidance only, please do not copy job descriptions wholesale)
  • A Consumer Guide can be accessed here for your reference and our Code of Conduct here.