TSS 482 visa checklist for employee (visa applicant)

Employee Visa Document Checklist for TSS Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa)

Identity Documents:
  1. Passport bio-page (yourself and dependents)
  2. Birth certificate for children in original language accompanied by its accredited English translation (if original is not in English language)
  3. each applicant aged 17 years or older must provide:police certificates for each country (including Australia) in which they have lived for a cumulative period of 12 months or more, over the last 10 years, since turning 16 years of age.
  4. Marriage certificate /relationship evidence (if applicable)
  5. Certificate of Health Insurance Cover (we can arrange this)
  6. **Relationship documents – see detailed checklist below (** applies only when the applicant is in a de facto relationship and the partner is to be included in the visa application)
  7. Military service records or discharge papers if you have served in the armed forces of any country in the last 10 years
    All documents must be provided in colour.
Skills and Experience: 
  1. Post-secondary qualification including certificates and academic transcripts (yourself only)
  2. Sample payslips from your current employer (3 copies) (yourself only)
  3. Professional training certificates/licences (if any)
  4. A TSS Skills Assessment conducted by a registered training organisation approved by Trades Recognition Australia, if required
  5. References from previous employers that cover a period sufficient to demonstrate the relevant skill level (refer to ANZSCO code related information at the Australian Bureau of Statistics website for expected minimum period of experience relevant to the nominated occupation). These should be on the letterhead of the employer and include: the name, title and contact details of the referee details of your position and dates of service.
  6. Up-to-date link to your LinkedIn profile, covering at least the last five years, showing:
    1. full employment and educational history
    2. dates and positions held
    3. the name, title and contact details of referees. References (as above) must also be provided to meet the two year work experience requirement – where applicable.
English requirements
  1. for the TSS visa English requirements and acceptable evidence see here

Relationship documents

  •      Form 888 – to be completed and signed by at least 2 witnesses (must be Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident) confirming that the relationship is genuine and continuing. The witnesses must provide a certified copy of their passport biopages/visa pages as well. The witnesses should email the drafts statements to us for checking before completing the contents onto the forms
  •      Documents evidencing cohabitation dated at least 12 months prior to visa application (e.g. letters, bills addressed to the same address, either jointly or separately to you and your partner)
  •      Joint lease agreement
  •      Utility bills in joint names
  •      Photographs taken together with family and friends, during holidays and leisure activities
  •      Joint memberships (i.e. private health insurance, club members, car insurance policy etc,) (if any)
  •      Documents evidencing joint travel, such as flight tickets and joint itinerary
  •      Any invitations addressed jointly to you and your partner as a couple
  •      Telephone records, emails, internet chat log maintained during the period of  short separation (if applicable)
  •      Tax return documents stating each other as partners (if any)
  •      Joint bank statements
  •      Statements (x2) from yourself and your partner detailing the history of relationship, including the following points:

How, when and where you first met;

How your relationship developed;

Any significant events in the relationship (has your partner met/spoken to your parents; vice versa);

Any periods of separation (when and why the separation occurred, for how long and how you maintained your relationship during the period of separation); and

Your future plan as a couple.