TSS 482 visa checklist for employer (sponsor)

Below is  the TSS visa checklist for employer (sponsor). You must provide documents to prove the claims you make in your application to become a sponsor. Here is a general checklist for TSS visa employers/sponsors:

Sponsorship Documents
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) Registration Certificate
  • Business Names Extract (Trading Name/s)
  • Financial report including profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the last financial year
  • Projected financial report including profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS) for the last 4 quarters
  • Organisational chart of the business with reporting lines and positions held
  • Advertisements/Promotional information
  • Evidence of any new sales or contracts won
  • Business expansion plans
  • If you are a franchisee, provide the relevant pages of the franchise agreement (pages listing the parties to the agreement and the signature page)
  • Relevant pages of the Trust Deed (pages listing parties to the trust and the signature page)
  • Lease agreement
Nomination Documents
  • Organisational chart
  • Employment contract
  • Letter of support from your accountant
  • Market salary report (AMSR)
  • Pay the SAF levy
  • Labour Market Testing (LMT) requirement
  • Genuine position report
    • occupation is in line with the ANZSCO description
    • position fits into the business
    • business is viable to sponsor from overseas
    • independently verifiable evidence should be provided (for example, copies of contracts, purchase orders from third parties) as this will be given the greatest weight by visa decision-makers. For example, if your business is expanding and this is why you are hiring additional staff it is suggested you provide evidence of this rather than just stating that you plan to expand your business (for example, copies of new contracts, a copy of a lease for new premises or evidence of purchase of a new equipment).