Adding a Spouse or De Facto to TSS 482 visa

If your currently hold a subclass 457 temporary work visa or TSS 482 visa it is possible to add your spouse or de facto partner (minimum of 6 months evidence is required) to your subclass 457 visa as a secondary applicant.

Location of Spouse or De Facto:

Your spouse or de facto partner can be inside or outside Australia at the time of applying for the visa.

Conditions of Visa for your spouse or de facto partner:

They will be granted a subclass 457 visa with unrestricted work rights,


Their visa will expire on the same date as your subclass 457  visa.


If married, usually a marriage certificate will suffice. If in a De Facto relationship:

The history of the relationship through a signed statement regarding:

  • how, when and where the couple first met
  • how the relationship developed
  • the couple’s domestic arrangements, that is, how they support each other financially, physically and emotionally and when this level of commitment began
  • any periods of separation, when and why the separation occurred, for how long and how the couple maintained their relationship during the period of separation
  • the couple’s future plans.

Financial aspects of the relationship, such as:

  • joint ownership of the house or joint names on a lease
  • correspondence addressed to the couple at the same address
  • details of financial commitments including bank statements, and any joint liabilities.

The nature of the household, such as:

  • any joint responsibility for the care and support of any children
  • the couple’s living arrangements including sharing responsibilities within the home.

Social context, such as:

  • evidence that the couple is generally accepted and recognised as a couple socially such as joint invitations
  • evidence of common friends
  • assessments by the couple’s friends and family of the relationship
  • joint travel or joint participation in sporting, social or cultural activities.

The couple’s commitment to each other, such as:

  • the duration of the relationship including knowledge of each other
  • intention to have a long term relationship, for example, through terms of their wills
  • correspondence and telephone accounts to show that the couple maintained contact during any periods of separation.

What your partner can do on a dependent 457 visa:

Your partner or de facto will have:

  • full work rights
  • full study rights
  • no travel restrictions