Queensland Immigration Requirements for Graduates

This pathway is for high performing graduates who have graduated from a Queensland university and are currently onshore in Queensland.

NOTE: The 2023-24 program opened on 5 September 2023. Migration Queensland will only consider EOI’s lodged on or after 5 September 2023 – updated EOI’s will not be considered.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria common to all graduate pathways
  • Have a points test result of 75 or higher for the 190 visa pathway (inclusive of state nomination points)
  • Have a points test result of 65 points or higher for the 491 visa pathway (inclusive of state nomination points)
  • Have Competent English
  • Living in Queensland, with an occupation  for the 190 visa pathway
  • Living in regional Queensland, with an occupation for the 491 visa pathway
  • Completed 100% of studies in Queensland
  • Graduated in the last two years.
Additional eligibility criteria specific to each graduate pathway
PhD or Doctorate Graduates (190 and 491)
  • Have had a positive decision on thesis
  • A job or job offer are not required
Masters Graduates in STEM or Agriculture fields
(190 and 491)
  • Employed full-time (minimum 30 hours per week) in nominated occupation (or ANZSCO Skill Level 1 occupation*)
  • STEM and Agriculture fields are listed below
Masters Graduates – not in STEM or Agriculture fields
(190 and 491)
  • GPA 6.0 or above for the 190 visa pathway
  • GPA 5.0 or above for the 491 visa pathway
  • Employed full-time (minimum of 30 hours per week) in nominated occupation (or ANZSCO Skill Level 1 occupation*)
Bachelor Graduates (190 and 491)
  • GPA 6.0 or above for the 190 visa pathway
  • GPA 5.0 or above for the 491 visa pathway
  • Employed full-time (minimum of 30 hours per week) in nominated occupation (or ANZSCO Skill Level 1 occupation*)

* Eligible Graduates must be employed in an occupation at ANZSCO Skill Level 1. ANZSCO Skill Level 1 occupations are those that have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances, relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification.


Caveats for selected occupations

Accountants (General)

  • Only applicants employed in an accounting firm or a medium or larger sized business will receive an invitation. For this purpose, a medium sized business is characterised as a business that employs 20 people or more

Internal and External Auditors

  • Must have a job as an Auditor (not an Accountant)

Cooks and Chefs

  • No takeaway or fast-food business

Definition of STEM and Agriculture fields

Science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and Agriculture fields are defined in accordance with terminology in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

To check your qualification please go to the CRICOS website and use the ‘Course Search’. Search for your qualification by entering course information or its CRICOS code. Your qualification will show ‘Course details’ with a ‘Narrow field’ defined. If that ‘Narrow Field’ is included in the list below, your Masters qualification is in a STEM or Agriculture field for the purposes of this nomination pathway.

Natural and physical sciences
  • biological sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • earth sciences
  • mathematical sciences
  • natural and physical sciences
  • other natural and physical sciences
  • physics and astronomy
Information technology
  • computer science
  • information systems
  • information technology
  • other information technology
Engineering and related technologies
  • aerospace engineering and technology
  • civil engineering
  • electrical and electronic engineering and technology
  • engineering and related technologies
  • geomatics engineering
  • manufacturing engineering and technology
  • maritime engineering and technology
  • mechanical and industrial engineering and technology
  • other engineering and related technologies
  • process and resources engineering.
 Agricultural, environmental and related studies (New field added in 2023-24)
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Forestry studies
  • Fisheries studies
  • Other Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

Important notes: 

  • If you have been nominated, applied for or hold a Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491), Migration Queensland will not nominate you for the Skilled Nominated (Permanent) visa (subclass 190). This restriction also applies to the Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489).
  • If you are eligible for both the 190 and the 491 visas, please submit one EOI and select both visa classes. Please do not submit multiple EOIs – if you do, we will select the first one in the queue and close the rest. You will be offered one invitation only.
  • You will receive copies of the State Nomination Application and Settlement Funds Declaration form if/when Migration Queensland invites you to lodge an application.
  • If you have more than one skills assessment, please only submit one EOI for the occupation that best meets your current employment.
  • Please ensure that you read the application process, document checklist and all explanatory notes (below) before submitting your application
  • Migration Queensland handle a high volume of applications and client enquiries; enquiries about where your application is in the queue or when you will be invited to apply will not receive a response.
  • Priority will not be given to invitations where documents or visas are expiring.
  • Labour Hire employment: if you are employed through a labour hire provider, they must be licensed to operate in Queensland. All labour hire providers operating in Queensland must be licensed under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017, including providers that are based interstate or overseas who supply workers within Queensland. You will be required to provide evidence that your labour hire provider complies with these licensing requirements.

Application process

Step 1

Review your eligibility criteria, visa conditions, and document checklist on the Department of Home Affairs website and the Migration Queensland website. Ensure that you meet both the Home Affairs criteria and Migration Queensland criteria and that you have all your documentation – including proof of registration, if required for your occupation – ready before you apply.

Step 2

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) on SkillSelect. Provide all information on your EOI, including work experience. You must select ‘Queensland’ as your only state of interest to be considered.

Step 3

To apply under a graduate pathway, you must also submit an online form to notify Migration Queensland of your intention to apply for this pathway and allow us to identify your application.

Step 4

Migration Queensland assesses all EOIs that meet the above criteria. If you are invited to apply for nomination, you will receive an email invitation to lodge an application and be requested to provide the documents required (see list below).

Step 5

When you have received your invitation from Migration Queensland:

  1. Upload the required documents – only upload one document per file. If you have multiple documents, merge and save them as one file, and
  2. Pay the non-refundable application fee for your application. Do not pay the fee until you have been invited to apply and all your documents have been uploaded.

Migration Queensland will then assess your application and may request further information.

Note: You will be given 14 calendar days to finalise your application from the date of invitation. If you are unable to provide the relevant information within this time frame, your application will be closed and you will need to submit a new EOI if you wish to seek Queensland nomination again.

Step 6

If you are nominated by Migration Queensland, you will also receive an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs to lodge your visa application. You will have 60 days to lodge your visa application with them.

The 491 Small Business Owners (SBO) Pathway 

This option can be used to reward small business owners in regional Queensland for investing in the local business community and provides employment opportunities for local residents. For more information see here.

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