Northern Territory 190 visa requirements

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) Government can nominate you for a 190 state sponsored skilled visa if you:

  • meet Australian Government’s standard requirements, and
  • meet NT Government’s nomination eligibility, and
  • commit to living and working in the Territory within your skilled occupation for at least three years upon the grant of your visa.



You must be under aged 45 years at the time of nomination.

Skills Assessments

You will need a full skills assessment from a relevant Australian skills assessment and assessing authority, for the skilled occupation that you have nominated.

Your occupation must be in the NT Occupational Lists.


The minimum English language requirement is an outcome of competent unless otherwise specified by assessing / licensing or registration body or on the Northern Territory (NT) Migration Occupation List. Competent means the equivalent of at least IELTS 6.0 in each band level.


If you already live in Australia

Eligible NT Graduates:

International student graduates who have studied in the NT will be eligible for a subclass 190 nomination if you have:

  • successfully completed one or more qualifications after studying in the NT, at an NT-based institution for two years in a single tertiary course or a set of nested tertiary courses, and
  • lived in the NT for a period of at least six continuous months immediately after the date of completion of your last qualification, while holding a visa that allows full-time work (this requirement does not apply to students who completed all course requirements in semester one 2020 and produce a letter of completion dated prior to 1 August 2020), and
  • demonstrated genuine and sustained efforts to obtain employment** from an NT employer in your nominated occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

International student graduates who are unable to live in the NT for six months after completing two years of study in the NT will only be considered for a subclass 491 nomination. You must provide evidence of making genuine efforts to obtain employment from an NT employer in their nominated occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

You will be expected to demonstrate genuine efforts and progress towards being employed in the NT in your nominated occupation both during and after your studies. These applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Other NT residents:

An NT resident applicant includes those on temporary visas with work rights, currently residing in the NT.

NT resident applicants will be eligible for a subclass 190 nomination if you:

  • demonstrate that you have been residing in the NT for at least two consecutive years immediately prior to application
  • demonstrate that none of your migrating dependants are residing in another part of Australia, and
  • demonstrate full-time employment in the NT in an eligible occupation continuously for at least two years immediately prior to applying for NT nomination and demonstrate the employment is available for at least a further 12 months.

An eligible occupation for this purpose is:

  • the occupation identified in the skills assessment (nominated occupation), or
  • an occupation that is related to the nominated occupation. In order to be related to the nominated occupation, the majority of time in the position must be spent on tasks that align with the skills and knowledge required to undertake the nominated occupation.

The employment must also meet the following additional requirements:

  • the position must be based in the NT, and the employer must have a record of trading in the NT for at least 12 months
  • positions that are based at serviced office spaces or involve hot-desking arrangements will generally not be considered favourably
  • you must be paid at market salary.

If you are offshore

Offshore applicants will not generally be eligible to apply for an NT state nomination for visa subclass 190.


You must provide strong evidence of good employment prospects in the NT either in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.

You can show you have good employment prospects by providing:

  • an offer of employment letter from an NT employer
  • a statement describing how your skills and experience meet NT employer needs
  • evidence that your occupation has been advertised in the NT multiple times and detailed explanations of how your qualifications and experience match the job vacancies
  • evidence of positive feedback from potential NT employers.


Select a state below to see it’s 190 visa requirements:

Australia Placeholder

State and territory requirements

Each state and territory has its own list of occupations, requirements and processes you must follow.

More information about the requirements and processes on how Australian states or territories nominate applicants is available.

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