linking new nominations to pending Subclass 482 visa applications

TSS 482 Visa has 3 stages: There are three steps to the application process.

  1. Standard business sponsorship

A business must become approved as a Standard Business Sponsor in order to employ a TSS visa holder.

  1. Nomination

Following the SBS application, an employer must nominate a position within their business as one which must be filled by an overseas applicant and various requirements to be met:

  • Labour Market Testing
  • Salary Level
  • Training Levy
  1. Visa application

Last step is the visa application , at which time the nominee must demonstrate that they have the skill level for their occupation, as well as meeting health and character requirements.

There may be cases where the Nomination may be refused while the Visa is still being processed and you would want to re-lodge another Nomination application and link it to the visa. Unfortunately that is not possible:

The Department has confirmed that it is not possible to link new nominations to pending Subclass 482 visa applications.


(1) Each of the following applies:

(a) the nomination identified in the application has been approved under section 140GB of the Act;

Under the Subclass 457 visa criteria, it was possible to lodge a new nomination (if the first nomination was refused) and link the new nomination to the pending Subclass 457 visa application.

Now the Subclass 482 visa wording prevents linking a new nomination to an existing Subclass 482 visa application