Australian Computer Society Nominates for Global Talent Visa

The government launched the Global Talent-Independent Program (GTI) on 4 November 2019. The program is designed to provide a streamlined and priority visa pathway for highly skilled and talented individuals to migrate to Australia permanently.

Part of the requirements of the visa include having a nominator who will endorse them as a candidate for the program, that is, nominate them. The nominator must have a national reputation in the same field as the applicant and be either:

  • an eligible Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • eligible New Zealand citizen
  • an Australian organisation.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the largest professional body representing the ICT sector in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) recognises the ACS as an eligible nominating Australian organisation for Global Talent applicants. The ACS can provide nominations for applicants in the following target sectors:

  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information/Advanced Digital/Data Science/ICT
  • FinTech (candidates with a predominantly tech focus)
  • MedTech (candidates with a predominantly tech focus)
  • AgTech (candidates with a predominantly tech focus)

Application Process

  1. The applicant must first lodge an expression of interest with the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA).
  2. If you are successful, DoHA will issue you with a Unique Identifier.
  3. Create an ImmiAccount on DoHA website.
  4. Email ACS your expression to be nominated.
  5. ACS will assess your application and request for documents
  6. Submit documents and pay application fees.
  7. ACS will complete the nomination form.
  8. Submit your application with DoHA.

ACS Nomination

To apply for an ACS nomination, you first must send your CV to, and inform the ACS of the reasons why, you would be an asset to the Australian technology sector. If you are successful, ACS will contact you to request further documents. These might include:

  • A colour scan of your passport;
  • Evidence of having been issued with a unique identifier from DoHA;
  • Evidence that shows you are internationally recognised, and your achievements are exceptional and outstanding;
  • Evidence that demonstrates you will be an asset to the Australian community; and
  • Evidence that shows that your contribution will be of benefit to Australia as a whole.

ACS may also contact you to confirm your credentials and background.

Upon successful completion of the above, the ACS will provide you with a nomination support letter – with this letter, you can submit your visa application on the DoHA website.


ACS charges $500 for the nomination.

Use our Global Talent assessment form:

  • to refer a highly skilled individual at the top of their field to the Global Talent Independent program (to receive a global talent unique identifier), or
  • to lodge a Distinguished Talent visa application through the Global Talent Independent program (you will need a global talent unique identifier)

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