Form 888 example answers

When applying for a partner or prospective marriage visa (SC 820, SC 309 and SC 300), the couple must provide at least two Form 888. The purpose of the Form 888 is for the Department of Home Affairs to consider the social aspects of the relationship.

The form must be completed by a person who knows the visa applicant and the sponsor, is at least 18 years of age and is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. We would recommend that you have your immediate family members and friends to complete the witness statements as they are usually aware of the history of your relationship with your partner.


Indicate the relationship between the witness and the sponsor

Indicate the relationship between the witness and the applicant

Show how often the witness maintain contact with the sponsor and the applicant

Question 3: State how you know the applicant and the applicant’s partner or fiancé(e) and indicate how often you have been in contact with them.

I am the sister of the sponsor, Andrew Smith. I first met the applicant, Samantha Johnson when my brother introduced her as his partner to our family during the Easter Holiday in 2018.

Since then, Samantha has been living with my brother at my parents’ house. I would visit them once a week for family gathering. I also maintain contact with my brother and Samantha on WhatsApp.


The witness should clearly state that he/she believes that the relationship is genuine and continuing

Show that the relationship is genuine by addressing some of the factors:

·         Household

·         Finances

·         Social

·         Commitment

Question 4: State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and his/her partner or fiancé(e) to be genuine and continuing and give reasons for your belief.

I believe that the relationship between my brother and Samantha is genuine and continuing. I have witnessed them during my visit to my parents’ house that they are a loving couple. Not only do they support each other emotionally, they manage their day to day life as a couple very well. They share the household chores and manage their financials together. They recently adopted a dog and are sharing the responsibility to care for her.

My brother and Samantha love to travel and they have been on many trips together. They also have a joint Instagram account where they post images of their travel.

When Samantha returned to her home country for 2 months, my brother and Samantha were Face timing and messaging each other daily.

I am also aware that they are planning to get married in the near future.

Include further details to show the genuineness and continuousness of the relationship

Questions 5: State any other matters you wish to add in support of the visa application.

Samantha fits into our family very well. I noticed that my brother is happier when Samantha is around. My cousins also really like Samantha and believe that my brother and Samantha relationship is genuine.


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