851 visa service

Please ensure you have read the below 851 visa service terms and conditions, the Migration Agent’s Code of Conduct and Consumer Guide before booking time.

To ask for this service see here. Cancellations incur a $50 admin fee.

Please contact us on +61 (03) 9521 7577 if you have any questions.

The purpose of the 851 visa service is:
  • for us to list and ask questions to learn the details about your immigration situation and carefully assess your eligibility and current situation. This assessment is provided based on information you provide.
  • to prepare, submit and act on your behalf for the SC851 visa.
Required Information to check your eligibility 

You must provide us with the below information for this service. Please send the below to [email protected]:

  • Your current visa
  • All previous visas held in Australia
  • Periods of unlawful status (if applicable)
  • Application forms submitted
  • Advise whether you or any other person included in your application has any health or character (criminal) issues
  • English test scores in each band (if applicable)
  • A short summary of your situation including your visa history in Australia (if applicable)
  • Partner’s situation and location

Payment is made immediately upon requesting for this service through our website and via Square. In ordering this service you agree to pay a non-refundable fee before the meeting.

Cancellations incur a $50 administration fee.

Agreement of terms

By requesting this service you indicate that you understood the Consumer Guide and agree to our 851 service T & Cs. You also acknowledge that should you decide to engage our services this will be subject to a separate agreement.

Duty to keep client files for 7 years

A migration agent has a duty under the Code of Conduct in relation to a client/appointment file and must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the client/appointment file is kept for a period of 7 years after the last action on the file for the relevant client. We therefore cannot delete your files from our systems upon your request however the information you share with us is confidential and your data is secure.

Duty of confidentiality

We will not disclose, or allow to be disclosed, to a third person any personal information relating to your matter (except as required by a law of the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory) without your written consent.

How we keep your data secure

Data privacy and protection has always been our highest priority. See here on how we ensure your data is secure.