Subclass 186 ENS – Direct Checklist

Subclass 186 ENS – Direct Entry Stream
Nominator Documents Required

Please provide the following business information and documents, which will be used to show that your business is lawfully and actively operating in Australia, and genuinely requires the nominated position. . High quality, colour scanned copies of your documents can be sent to us through the Client Portal or by email.
NOTE: All information provided in relation to your business will be treated confidentially, and will only be used for the purpose of obtaining the Department of Home Affairs’s (the DOHA’s) approval of your nomination application.

Registration Documents
ABN certificate for your business
If business has a registered business/trading name: Certificate of registration of business trading name
If business is a registered company: certificate of registration of company from ASIC
If business is a franchise/franchisor: relevant pages of franchise agreement i.e. page(s) listing parties to the agreement, and signature page(s)
If business is a trust: relevant pages of trust deed i.e. page(s) listing parties to the trust, and signature page(s)
Current lease agreement for the business premises at which the nominated position is/will be based
Financial Documents
Audited balance sheet (statement of position) and profit and loss statement (statement of performance) for the last financial year, with a comparison to the previous financial year


Business tax returns for the last financial year, and the associated tax assessment notice

If the last financial year covered by the financial statements or tax returns that you provide (see above) ended more than 3 months ago: Business Activity Statements (BAS) for each complete quarter since the end of the last financial year
Letter of support from your accountant to your business, stating clearly that based on previous and projected financial performance, your business is financially capable of employing someone in the nominated position at the stated rate of pay. We are able to provide a template letter for your accountant, if required
For a start-up business ONLY (i.e. operating <12 months): Business Activity Statements (BAS) for each complete quarter since the business commenced operations AND business bank statements for the entire period since the business commenced operations

Nominated Position Documents
Contract of employment between your business and the visa applicant We are able to prepare an offer of employment on your behalf, if required
Job description for the nominated position We are able to prepare a job description on your behalf, if required
If the nominated position already exists in your business: Evidence that the position has existed and is vacant OR occupied by a temporary resident e.g. payroll information for the nominee, if they are currently employed in the role
If the nominated position has been newly created: Evidence of an increase in business activity that requires the creation of the nominated position e.g.

·         new contracts

·         evidence of overtime work or an increase in overtime work for staff currently employed in the same position

·         evidence of need for business diversification, such as market research/business plans and evidence of appropriate funding

Documents for Specific Occupations
If you are nominating a Cook, Chef or Café/Restaurant Manager: Evidence that your café/restaurant does NOT operate in a takeaway or fast food setting e.g. copy of your menu; floor plan; photos of your premises showing the size/type of your café or restaurant; details of your table service, volume of in-restaurant dining and food preparation carried out on-site

NOTE: This evidence is only required if there is a possibility that your business may be viewed as operating in a takeaway or fast food setting. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Organisational & Human Resources Documents
Organisational chart OR list of your current employees – this should show:

·         each employee’s position within the business (it is important to use names where practicable, especially when it is a small business)

·         whether each position is full-time or part-time

·         whether any temporary residents (i.e. NOT an Australian citizen or permanent resident) are employed in any of the positions

Administration Documents
Your electronic letterhead, which you should email to us at
Annual Market Salary Rate (AMSR) Evidence

The AMSR is the amount an equivalent Australian worker earns (or would earn) working in the same occupation as the nominated position. Both the AMSR and the salary you offer for the nominated position must be no less than $53,900 per year (excluding non-monetary benefits).

If an enterprise agreement or industrial award applies to the nominated position: the name of the agreement or award, and the salary level/occupation group that applies to the nominated position
If NO agreement/award applies AND you employ any Australian citizens or permanent residents in the same occupation as the nominated position: employment contract(s) and payslips for the relevant Australian workers.

NOTE: This does not include Australian workers with more (or less) experience than the person you wish to nominate, who are performing similar work at a different pay grade.

If NO agreement/award applies AND you DON’T employ any Australian citizens or permanent residents in the same occupation as the nominated position: show how you determined what an equivalent Australian worker would be paid for the nominated occupation, by providing at least two of the following:

·         Job Outlook information for the nominated occupation

·         advertisements from the last 6 months for equivalent positions in the same location

·         remuneration surveys completed by a reputable organisation

·         written advice from unions or employer associations

Subclass 186 ENS – Direct Entry Stream Applicant Documents Required







Current passport(s) (this includes the identity details page AND all pages showing visas and stamps)
Birth certificate (or family register) showing full birth details, including parents’ names
If married, divorced, separated or widowed: Marriage certificate(s), divorce certificate(s), death certificate(s), statutory declaration separation documents (as applicable)
If in a de facto relationship: Relationship registration document (if applicable), and evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing
If previously changed legal name: Evidence of the legal name change e.g. name change deed
Skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation

Please refer to the ‘FAQ’ section of this document for further details.

Evidence of English language ability e.g. acceptable test results dated within the last 3 years

Please refer to the ‘FAQ’ section of this document for further details.

N/A if under 18 years old
Up-to-date link to your LinkedIn profile N/A N/A
Certificates and academic transcripts for ALL formal qualifications N/A N/A
Written and signed work references for periods of employment (if available) N/A N/A
If licensing/registration is required for your occupation: Documents from the relevant Australian licensing/registration authority showing that you hold (or will be able to meet) the necessary registration/licensing requirements

NOTE: The documents must specify the type of registration/licensing held, as well as the name and contact details of the registration/licensing authority

If you have lived here for more than 12 months during the last 10 years (since you turned 16 years old): Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Certificate dated within the last 12 months. Must be a ‘Complete Disclosure’

NOTE: If you would like us to apply for an AFP National Police Certificate on your behalf, please provide:

·         your Australian driver’s licence OR

·         TWO of the following documents: recent utility bill, tax assessment notice, bank statement, current debit or credit card, Medicare card (note that at least one of these documents must show your current residential address)

N/A if under 16 years old
Police clearance certificates for ALL other countries in which you have lived for more than 12 months during the last 10 years (since you turned 16 years old) dated within the last 12 months. N/A if under 16 years old
If served in the armed forces of any country: Military service records or discharge papers
If one/both parents of a dependent applicant are not included in this application: custody/guardianship documents and written consent of other parent(s) to child being included in the application N/A N/A
If dependent applicant is 18 years or older: evidence that they are living with you and have been financially dependent on you for at least the last 12 months N/A N/A

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