Transit visa (Subclass 771)

Transiting Australia if you are a valid Australian Visa holder, eligible to Transit Without a Visa, or hold a Transit (Subclass 771) visa.

Arrival in Australia

Australia has implemented the use of green and red zones at airports to separate passengers arriving on quarantine-free flights (green zone) and those required to undertake mandatory 14-day quarantine (red zone).

If you are transiting (passing through) Australia for 72 hours or less (i.e. while you wait for a connecting flight to another country) you are automatically exempt from Australia’s travel restrictions, and you do not have to request a travel exemption.

You must however, still follow quarantine requirements in the state/territory you arrive in, and adhere to rules in place such as social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Visa Requirements to transit Australia

In summary, to transit Australia, you must either:

Transit Visa (Subclass 771) overview

This is a free, temporary visa that allows you to be in Australia for up to 72 hours before you must leave Australia by air or sea.

When you are applying for this visa, you must be outside Australia and either:

  • Have a confirmed booking/ticket establishing that you have concluded arrangements for travel to a destination outside Australia, and that your transit in Australia will not exceed 72 hours; or
  • Hold a Maritime Crew visa demonstrating you are joining the crew of a non-military ship and leaving Australia by sea within 5 days of arriving in Australia by air

Note. If you are travelling with your family members, your applications for this visa should be submitted online together.

You might not need it

It is recommended that before you consider your need for a Transit visa, you check transit facilities at Australian airports, your travel arrangements with your travel agent and/or airline, and if you are eligible to transit without a visa, because you may not need one.

When you have this visa

If you find that you do need this visa, it will allow you to enter Australia and stay for up to 72 hours before being required to leave by air.

If you hold a Maritime Crew visa, you will have 5 days from arrival by air to sign onto the non-military ship and leave Australia by sea.

In either scenario, you can use the visa to leave the airport or airport transit lounge, and visit family and friends, or for sightseeing, if state/territory restrictions permit.

Processing times

Approximately 14 to 32 days. However, this may vary at the discretion of the Department.

Your obligations

You must meet all visa conditions and obey Australian laws.  See your visa grant letter or your conditions in VEVO.


You must:

  • Leave Australia within 72 hours
  • Meet our health and character requirements
  • Have adequate health insurance
  • Where applicable, paid back your debt to the Australian Government
  • Where applicable, hold a Maritime Crew visa
  • Sign the Australian Values statement
  • Where applicable, the visa is in the best interests of an applicant under 18 years old

New Zealanders transiting Australia for up to 72 hours

If you are a citizen of New Zealand who is eligible for a Special Category visa (Subclass 444), you will not need to apply for another visa to pass through Australia. You will only need to present evidence (such as travel itinerary or flight ticket) to our airport officials, establishing that you have concluded arrangements for travel to a destination outside Australia, and that your stop-over in Australia will not exceed 72 hours.

Transit quarantine arrangements

You must follow the quarantine requirements in the state/territory that you arrive in. You may find that you need to stay in hotel accommodation (i.e. due to quarantine requirements, unexpected flight delays etc.) and you may be asked to pay for your stay, while you are waiting for your onwards flight. For more information on quarantine requirements, contact the relevant state or territory government health department.

Visa and travel exemption requirements for stays longer than 72 hours

You can not stay longer by extending the Transit (Subclass 771) visa.

If you intend to spend more than 72 hours in Australia waiting for your connecting flight, you will not be considered to as transiting Australia and will need to: