Top occupations for Permanent residency in Australia

The government announced the outcomes of the Migration Program. The permanent residency intake for this period was 140,366. Of the total intakes, seventy per cent of the visas were granted through the skilled program. That is, 95,842 visas were granted for people in the skill stream.

The breakdown of the skill stream is as follows:

Employer Sponsored 29,261
Skilled Independent 12,986
 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional 8,372
Skilled Work Regional 15,000
State/Territory Nominated 21,495
Business Innovation and Investment 4,420
Global Talent 4,109
Distinguished Talent 200

The Employer Sponsored category had an outcome of 29,261 places against a planning level of 30,000 places. Employer Sponsored visas comprised 30.5 per cent of the Skill stream outcome;

Source countries

The largest source citizenship countries of migrants were:

State/Territory of Intended Residence

Where applicants have specified the state/territory they intended to reside, they have indicated (these are ordered from highest to lowest):

Top occupations

Now let’s take a look at the top occupation groups which were granted permanent residency.

The top groups are:

  • Professionals – 59.6% of the visas were granted to professionals. They include professionals in the health, ICT, education, arts, and media industry.
  • Technicians and Trade Workers– 17% are trade workers, engineers, and IT technicians.
  • Managers – 9% are hospitality managers, retail managers and company executives.
  • Community and Personal Service Workers – 2% of the visas were granted to community workers and social workers.
  • Clerical and Administrative Workers – 1% are administrative staffs.

Top Occupations for Skilled Regional visas

After the introduction of the new regional visas(sc491 and sc494), 8,372 visas were granted to Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional and 15,000 for Skilled Work Regional. In total, 23,372 applicants received a regional visa. The top occupations for this group were:

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