Pacific Engagement Visa

Subclass 192 – Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV)

The first ballot for the Pacific Engagement visa (PEV) is expected to commence in mid-2024, once all remaining administrative arrangements for the visa are in place and Pacific governments and Timor-Leste have had time to consider the final arrangements.

This follows the Pacific Engagement (subclass 192) visa regulations that will take effect after the Amendment Act on 29 March 2024.

The PEV will offer permanent residence for up to 3000 nationals (inclusive of primary visa holders and eligible family members) annually from participating Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste, through a visa pre-application ballot process.

Eligible individuals from Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste will have equal access to the PEV through the ballot that will randomly select participants to apply for the visa. This includes providing equal access to the PEV for existing Pacific workers in Australia.

To be granted a PEV, the primary visa applicant must have drawn a place in the PEV ballot, hold a valid visa if applying in Australia, meet age, and standard Public Interest Criteria such as health and character.  The primary applicant or their spouse or de facto partner must also have a written offer of ongoing employment in Australia and meet English language requirements.

Pacific Engagement (subclass 192) visa ballot

​​​The Australian Government has committed to implementing the Pacific Engagement visa (PEV). This is a new permanent resident visa program for nationals of participating Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste.

Boosting Pacific permanent migration to Australia is an essential part of our plan to deepen connections with the Pacific and contribute to a peaceful and prosperous region.

The PEV will grow the Pacific diaspora in Australia. It will enable stronger people-to-people links and greater cultural, business and educational exchange

The new Subclass 192 – Pacific Engagement visa will commence in 2024. It will provide up to 3,000 permanent places annually for citizens of participating Pacific Island countries and Timor-Leste and their immediate family members. This is in addition to Australia’s permanent migration program.

PEV ballot

The PEV pre-application ballot aims to provide eligible individuals from Pacific island countries and Timor-Leste equal access to the PEV by randomly selecting ballot participants to apply for the visa. A ballot provides a fair and transparent process. It ensures equal access for participants of any skill level, occupation and gender.

To participate in the visa ballot, you will need to meet requirements. This includes:

  • being of a certain age
  • being a national of a participating country and
  • completing an online registration form and paying a registration fee.
PEV eligibility

To be eligible for the PEV, you must:

  • be randomly selected through the PEV ballot
  • be aged between 18 and 45 years
  • have a formal job offer in Australia and
  • meet other visa requirements, including English language, character and health checks.

We will provide further information on the detailed eligibility requirements ahead of the PEV’s commencement in 2024.

On 25 October 2022, as part of the Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced the Pacific Engagement Visa (PEV) to boost Pacific permanent migration to Australia and build a stronger Pacific family. The PEV will grow Australia’s Pacific and Timor-Leste diaspora and encourage greater cultural, business, and educational exchange.

Up to 3,000 visas will be allocated annually by a ballot process across Pacific countries and Timor‑Leste. Those selected from the ballot will be invited to apply for permanent residence. Applicants will need to secure a written employment agreement in Australia and meet other migration requirements to be eligible for the visa. Applicants may include their partner and legally dependent children, as part of the total annual visa allocation.

The PEV is being designed in close consultations with partner governments and Pacific communities to ensure the program meets the needs and priorities of a peaceful, prosperous, and resilient Pacific family.

Applications for the ballot will be able to be lodged online with the Department of Home Affairs from July 2023.

Further Information about the process will be made available prior to commencement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the eligibility requirements to participate in the PEV?

The PEV will include the following requirements:

  • Applicants will be selected through the ballot process.
  • Applicants must be aged between 18 and 45 years.
  • Applicants can include their partners and legally dependent children in their application.
  • Applicants must have a formal job offer in Australia.
  • Applicants must meet English language, character and health requirements.
  • Government consultations will inform further program settings and details, including ballot and visa eligibility requirements.

Further information on PEV eligibility and visa requirements will be made available prior to July 2023.

What support services will PEV participants have access to in Australia?

Opportunities for positive community engagement and integration is critical to supporting the shared needs of participants, partner governments and Australia. The program will include measures to support positive settlement outcomes and access to basic levels of economic security including early access to a range of benefits to support the cost of raising a family and ease the financial burden of education and training.

As permanent residents, PEV participants will, if eligible, have access to services and support, including:

Will successful applicants have a choice where they would like to reside in Australia?

As this visa is a permanent visa, applicants will be free to choose where they would like to live, work and study in Australia.

How will PEV participants be supported to find employment and prepare for life in Australia?

The Australian Government will establish a regional resource to work directly with successful applicants to connect them with employers in Australia, providing access to a variety of roles at a range of skill levels.

The regional resource will also guide successful applicants through the visa application process, deliver culturally and language relevant program outreach and inform applicants about life in Australia.