Overseas Qualification Assessment V Formal Skill Assessment

We are often approached by clients asking what the difference is between Formal Skill Assessment and Overseas Qualification Assessment.

Victoria has recently introduced an online service for Australian Permanent Residents, Citizens, certain New Zealand Citizens and holders of provisional partner visas to have their overseas qualifications assessed. This process is quite different to Formal Skill Assessment process for prospective migrants to Australia. Migrants coming to Australia through General Skilled Migration Visa or Employer Nominated program need to have their skill assessed by a skill assessment authority before they apply for a visa. On the other hand, Overseas Qualification assessment is for people who are already in Australia as PRs, Citizens or have obtained their visa through a partner visa program.

It is important to point out that Overseas Qualification Assessment does not assess work experience, short courses, overseas licences and permits, overseas completed apprenticeships or trade qualifications. Applicants for Overseas Qualification Assessment need to apply for assessment within two years from the initial arrival to Australia unless they arrived as holders of Protection visas. According to Victorian Government, assessment process can take up to 6 weeks. If you are unsure what assessment pathway should you pursue, contact us and talk to one of our friendly migration agents.

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